I did it – I went for a swim!

I fell asleep in one of the chairs on the decking with a fan providing a cooling stream of air. I awoke around 01:30, let Pea out for a drink, then went to bed to wake again at 05:25. Lazy bones but no moon to lighten the sky so I slept on. 

It is July after all so I should cast caution to the wind and go for a swim. It was warm again this morning so most of our walk centred around water. We moved quickly in the direction of the small beach where most of the dogs were in the water before I got there. I went in, much to the dismay of Heidi who seemed concerned when I swam off into the distance. After a few minutes I came back to the beach to throw Boris’ ball to encourage him into the water for his sore paw. Mucky appeared in the distance and one of the dogs caught sight of him so off they all went. I could see them all rushing off to Grammeno Beach. All eventually returned bar Obi who had to be extracted from reception later. At least I came back with 10 of the 11 I set out with. 

No enthusiasm to go to the supermarket or anywhere for that matter so eventually ate the bread from the day before. I wasn’t hungry last night and had fallen asleep before I got near any food anyway. 

I took Oskar with me on my quest to reacquire Obi and met up with Janne and Xanthipos. Xanthipos said he’d seen Mucky, Five and Obi tearing apart a rubbish bag to scatter the contents far and wide. He wasn’t best pleased as it fell upon him to clear up the result. Obi was with Mucky and Maria in the office so I was easily able to reclaim him to take him back to captivity. Later I went back to the office to deliver the box of Liesguard medication I’d ordered for the camping dogs and Mikhalis. 

It is not as hot as yesterday but then that’s relative anyway. Janne was still working on his shower project when Oskar, Obi and I dropped by to give our support. Janne asked Oskar to pass him a screwdriver which was actually a drill. I suggested that Oskar would never learn which tools are which if Janne is inconsistent. We left Janne to get on and I delivered the dogs into the compound. 

I set up the misting sprays in the covered area of the SDC in front of the van. Two on the external fence and one pointing back. Any flies will concentrate in the field rather than outside Janne and Erica’s caravan. Minnie and Heidi were to first to go to the spray area and Minnie jumps regularly into the blue bath. More so now it’s so hot. 

Dave has discovered the Blue Bath
16:45 max today 39.9C current 38.6C

Noisy motorcycle, which has something to do with the camping, has just departed in the direction of Paleochora. I can hear go most of the way daytimes but all of the way at night when it’s still. The road to Paleochora is not well made up so hopefully the pilot is skilled or lucky. Not that luck exists as it’s all down to statistics in the end. 

From over the fence I may detect the final clearing up at the end of the shower cubicle project. I will go round later for a photo shoot. 

My heat-related desire not to eat may be diminishing.  I have dredged a rather elderly and bedraggled tomato and half a carrot, equally unappetising, from the fridge. Following some skilful knifework they are now history and the peelings thrown to the dogs. The dogs seem equally unenthusiastic. The tomato and carrot, despite their looks, were very nice. Glancing in the fridge, which is barely keeping up with the hot weather, I can see a definite requirement for a supermarket visit tomorrow morning. Unbeknownst there was a Lemming lurking in the veg compartment so the Lemming emergency is over. 

Lots of splashing water from the other side of the fence. Maybe the shower is undergoing its sea trials. I will hopefully soon get only my second shower of the day, once the water in the pipe cools down. Even relatively early this morning, the water was pleasantly warm. There is only the ‘cold’ supply which picks up its heat from the sun or the air. Janne and Erica take their water from the outside showers behind the workshop. Mine comes overground from the large pipe north of here. 

Janne and Erica have gone out to get something to eat or go see some friends. I shall sneak a preview of the new shower and report back. 

New shower complete with solar lighting!

Dave snores quietly in the ‘mist zone’ and Millie has joined Princess under the van. Millie left the SDC as I went in to remonstrate with Luis. He had tried to hide beside the pallet behind one of the houses. So long as he remains quiet, I don’t care where he is. 

Shiny new toilet paper dispensers have been mounted in the executive suite and adjoining facilities. Sadly it’s not possible to extract the paper so it’s fallen at the first hurdle. 

Paper dispenser but no paper exuding from within

18:20 today’s new max 41.4C and rising

The family staying in T1 this past week or so left yesterday. They were replaced by a Greek couple. I heard a crunching sound earlier and noticed, when returning from my photoshoot, that one of the wooden planters has been damaged by a car, seeing the tracks. But why leave the air conditioning on, the door wide open, and then go out? That aircon has been churning away day and night. I make do with a fan and some mist jets. 


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  1. Cool shower!
    Cool toilet paper holder… not

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