Phew, cooler today and windier too

I fell asleep outside again and woke up at 01:45. Pea was pleased to be let out of his house and Fido was fairly pleased to be let in to the van. Obi wished to be in there and Luis was posted there for being noisy. The dog never knows when he’s on to a good thing. I went to bed and slept until around 05:20 when Obi decided it was time to get up. It’s getting darker in the morning having passed the Longest Day. That could make a good title for a film.

As it’s been so hot at night, I’ve been giving all the dogs a bowl of water in their houses. It was interesting to see how much they drank last night. More than the night before when it was hotter.

Boris was still hobbling this morning so was more keen to go to the beach than walk around. It was still quite warm so the beach seemed like a good idea. There appeared to be no one around although there was some random barking but that’s pretty normal. Obi was displeased at being unable to follow the mob when they decided to disappear off on the large beach. He has not bothered to come back for two walks in a row so is not being let off at present.

I ventured to the supermarket for bread and juice. I’d not been there for a few days so needed to stock up on some stuff. The hot weather was causing me to drink gallons but just water gets a bit boring after a while. I dilute the juice one part juice to three water.

Janne, with no project to complete, is amusing himself finding things to do. I think I heard him making up concrete earlier so if I don’t see Erica around, I’ll suspect that she is sporting a pair of concrete overshoes as the gangsters used to say.

Another dog blanket is festering in a bowl of washing water. I have packed up the clean(er) blankets and dog towels in a large food bag for storage until winter. Everything gets covered in dust in August when the wind blows. That to look forward to!

20:08 I am now wearing a polo shirt as it’s too chilly without one. UAT is 26.9C and it’s nearly 30C inside. It still feels cold because it’s now 14C lower than what we’ve been having the past few days. It’s all relative and it only goes to show how quickly it is possible to get used to something.

The wind has made life more difficult for the flies and the lower temperature appears to have curbed them a little. There have still been quite enough to be annoying.

I wanted to make ice in my freezer compartment but there was a lump of chicken still there from when Dave was having it before his special food. I am cooking this up for all the dogs together with a load of rice. It’s going to be more rice than chicken but at lease it’s a change from the dried food and at least the rice contains all the juice from the chicken. Funny how Obi and Princess have become extremely friendly and concerned…

I’m not sure I’ll be sleeping outside this evening and I reckon I’ll need a sheet and even the possibility of a light blanket. Once the wind calms down it will feel warmer again. Another side-effect of it being cooler is that I have to go to the loo more often. These past days I have consumed loads of fluids but rarely required the executive bathroom. Incidentally, I can report that the new toilet paper dispenser has been attended to and that paper is now freely available.

There are still people on the camping but many left to go back to work yesterday. I’ve not walked around much as I’ve had other things to do.

I purchased five 100mf capacitors which will be delivered to Ursula so that she can bring then with her when she comes to collect Millie and Heidi. They are so small the problem will be not to lose them. Hold baggage will not be necessary. With the capacitor I will be able to finish my clock project and not have to fumble around in the dark looking for my phone or iPad.





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