Long, hot, windy camera day

I’ve had super busy today, it’s late and I’ve been catching up with other stuff.

I’ve been finishing off the bar camera installation and it has also been extremely windy so I’ve had to take down my awning. Tomorrow, according to the forecast, is going to even more windy than today.

I will try to write this day up tomorrow.


Another windy day right from the morning until early evening. I took down the sides of the awning as the wind strengthened. 

I worked with Xanthipos finishing off the cabling for the bar camera once the long-awaited waterproof boxes appeared.

It was hot and windy with a lot of walking about. Working with Xanthipos was an experience of Greek working practices.

The camera was working by late afternoon however the WiFi in the bar area is less than perfect. 

We had some food then I went to Georgia’s house to connect her computer to the camera viewing program but the wireless network is unstable making the job harder. 

The dogs had been alone for much of the day and were not enjoying the wind so were getting noisy. Janne and Erica had returned from their trip so I wanted to get back as they would be disturbed by the dogs. 

Finally the wind quietened down so I could dismantle the awning.  I don’t think I’ve taken it down since end of October

My day as complicated by a new computer and staff member at Inter Sport in Lewes as well as website problems at EG 

I was quite glad of a shower and to go to bed

Everything is now covered with a film of dust and grit. At least the wind makes life harder for the flies

I finally managed to persuade Georgia’s computer to display the camera so that she can now keep an eye on the bar from her computer rather than have to sit there half the night


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