Still windy

For me the night was quite short and windy. It was 01:00 by the time I’d finished fiddling with computers. I didn’t wake until my 05:30 alarm. It was still windy

Setting off across the beach, the wind had blown the sand, covering previous days’ tracks.

Kostas arrived shortly after we did and received the traditional welcome. I waved from the top of the high rocks as I leaned into the northeasterly wind. 

Boris was limping and appears to have another problem paw. 

I got back with almost the same number of dogs I set out with, collecting Minnie at the camping gate and Obi from Maria in reception later

Walking back, I could see several tents flattened by the wind.

Considering it’s July, the camping is not over-full. The windy conditions are forecast to continue into Saturday and this may put off Friday – Sunday afternoon customers.

I had a busy morning setting up the new computer at Inter Sport in Lewes: the one they wanted done on Thursday

Not having an awning, I’ve been either working inside the van or under the trees at the back. The flies are still quite annoying. Now that the sun is weaker, I might venture back onto the decking.

The dogs are less scatty now that the wind is calming and the good soaking I gave them all may have also had something to do with it. 

I’m not feeling terribly active today

Look, no awning!
Bowls lined up at teatime out of the wind on the back bumper


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