Still windy but less so

The awning is still down because of the wind so I am lurking under the carob trees in the shade.

It has not been a very exciting day as little has happened out of the ordinary.

The dogs were excited by some freeloaders camping on the Promontory. I heard the advance party go off for a little barking session early on. I found out where they were as we went to the beach for a swim. One of the favourite locations near the beach. The dogs barked, the inhabitant looked out and I walked on. If you camp there, you get barked at.

They swam and raced about but all came back at the end including Obi. We returned to Grammeno reasonably efficiently and settled down for the day.

Xanthipos came to tell me how unappreciated he felt and that the place is a mad house. Now tell me something new.

Georgia contacted me to say that her computer was misbehaving. The problem is the network and I said we need to install a cable. This may happen in a couple of days as Janne and Erica are going back to Sweden tomorrow returning on 23 July. The WiFi seems to have got its act together and it’s working now.

Janne and Erica are getting ready but are going to leave some stuff outside to show that they will be back soon and make it appear that they are present. I have been appointed plant monitor as they have installed a Bougainvillea. The dogs have been appointed to keeping everyone away duties which they will be delighted to perform.

It has been almost 35C but still windy with a maximum gust of 66km/h: less than yesterday at 74km/h and the previous day at 77km/h. Tomorrow should be sensible so I can get the awning up again and sit on my decking again.

Pea is playing with Minnie and Heidi behind the dog houses and they are getting noisy so I’d better go and feed them. Millie and Oscar are in the main compound chasing each other about and ragging. Princess is being a good girl and Obi is looking on.

They are all now fed and in bed except for Dave. It is 21:03 so the light is fading but is it still quite warm which is why I’m sitting in this chair rather than feeding and walking Dave. The mosquitos are not letting the side down as they are already flying around and one is biting me through the chair fabric. Having been inconvenienced by the wind it’s important for them to make up for lost time.

There appear to be more customers, complete with children, on the camping. I can hear them all moving around outside together with the patter of tiny hooves.

These mosquitoes are definitely annoying so I’m off to feed Dave.


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