FreeLoaders bite back

Coming to the beach carpark this morning I could see several cars. One at least I knew as it was Antonis’. He was out on the rocks fishing. I guessed there would be a couple of tents out however there turned out to be three. Kostas was already there and waved from afar. It didn’t take long for the first tent to be discovered as it was quite near the rocks. They came back after a bit of barking and we resumed our walk finding Boris’ abandoned ball. We ended up at at the Small Beach where half of them went swimming whilst the other half went off to discover the third tent which was close by. There was a lot of barking so I decided to call it a day and head off to the camping. The irate inhabitant of the tent appeared asking why he’d been woken up by barking dogs on a Sunday morning. I reminded him that camping is not allowed in that location so he took his chances. He was determined to have an argument so I suggested he might like to take it to the police whist explaining why he was camping illegally out on the Promontory. His wife/lover or other female person eventually took him off and I went to seek out Antonis who was still fishing. He suggested I take photos of all the cars in the carpark in case there was any fallout and he would speak to the man. I went back to Grammeno. Later, Antonis called me to say that he’d met the guy who was packing his possessions into his car ready to leave. Antonis told the guy that the matter had been reported to the police and that they had contacted him, that his car licence plate had been recorded and he reminded him that camping was illegal in that location. The man seemed a little concerned at the mention of police involvement, finished packing his car and left saying that he would go elsewhere. Antonis was a little economical with the truth as the police couldn’t care less and they hadn’t been notified. It put the wind up the guy and got the right result which was the main purpose.

Janne and Erica were up and packing when we got back to Grammeno. They gave me my instructions about watering plants and handed me some food items from their fridge. They went off around 10:00 to Chania to catch their plane and will be back on 23 July. The dogs are to frighten off all comers and I am to make sure there are no decking campers as there were in 2015. They needn’t worry as the camping only really gets this busy in August, especially during the Public Holiday. They have not packed everything away so it looks like there is someone there.

It was getting hot so I lost any enthusiasm I might have had for going to the supermarket. I contented myself with the half melon left by Erica, and some dates.

There have been some comings and goings throughout the day but I suspect more going than coming. A young Belgian couple have pitched their tent north of me but I warned them of the doggy presence before they got set up. They are only staying for one night and it will be good practice for the dogs to have someone nearby again.

Oskar, Millie, Charlie and Fido have been in the main compound today although Millie and Oskar are now back in the SDC as they were getting silly and noisy. Charlie is well behaved and probably sleeping under the decking and Fido is lying under my chair which is now back on the decking. The awning is still down as it was a bit too windy to be putting it up as well as too hot. I might put it up later.

I spoke to Jo earlier. She tells me she is back to the surgeon again on Wednesday to hopefully discover her next treatment option. She is still working on people to be dog home finders and inspectors. She wants to get Princess and Pea homed near her so that she can enjoy them without having to take full responsibility. Jo is really a cat person who has been tempted to the Dark Side.

The decking is now in shade and the sun behind the building. I’d better sweep the van and feed the dogs.


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