It’s up – as the actress must have said to the bishop

For the past few days the EG web server has not been working and nobody knew what to do. The lovely lady, Laura, who used to look after all things Web is no longer doing it but I keep asking her to fix things which she does out of the kindness of her heart. Once again I had to go to her to ask for help which she kindly provided so the website is up and running once more. The mail server keeps rebooting itself when the urge takes it and I have so far been unable to figure out why it keeps doing this. My current workaround is to shutdown the server early in the morning then reboot it. That way it will keep going for a full working day without falling over. This is not an ideal situation but it solves the problem at least.

There were no unforeseen excitements this morning but I only let half of them off to ensure an easy life. We walked up at the same time as Kostas who left his motorbike in the car park. There was a number of other cars there too.

Antonis called delivering saline for Dave’s daily drip and bread for me. That saved me having to go to the supermarket. He arrived just as I’d sat down having got the awning up. I took it down due to the high winds however this is not ideal as I lose the use of my awning and decking in the present setup. The blind man from Chania came to measure up for a screen to put into the tubular frame constructed by Antonis. He did not manage to come back with a quote despite Antonis calling him several times. Consequently I have contacted a company in UK who specialise in architectural shades and sails to provide me something robust enough to stand up to the wind, sun and temperature. They have sent me some brochures and their sales guy sounds interested. I would rather use local suppliers but if they can’t get their act together then that’s their lookout.

Georgia sent me a text to say I’d received something in the post. It was some vitamin B12 supplement which I ordered to replace that which is usually in dairy products. All the way from UK in a plastic wallet rather than a plastic bottle. A whole year’s supply in a jiffy bag.

Georgia is able to watch the camera in the bar however it is not as reliable as she’d like as the network in her house is only WiFi and more than a bit unreliable. She tells me that Xanthipos will be able to help me in a few days so we shall be replacing the cable from the office to the kitchen. All terribly exciting.

The sun is setting and the cicada are chirping away in the trees. Most of the dogs are back in the SDC and are fooling around playing. The temperature is dropping from today’s maximum of 36.9C to a more reasonable 30C. There is still some wind but nothing like we have experienced these past few days.

I think it’s high time the doggies went to bed as it’s starting to get noisy and silly.



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