Goofy, Henry, Heidi and Millie

Whilst out wandering the camping last night with Dave and Obi, I ran into a young couple eating on the steps to the kitchen. I suggested they might like to sit on one of the benches at the tables in the communal eating area where there is also a light. Chatting, I discovered that she is from Cyprus and he from America. She went to English school in Cyprus and then university in US. I presume they met in US. He is from upstate New York. They were staying in Rethimnon, booked AirBNB in Agios Nikolaos but then decided they would camp at Grammeno for one night. To refresh your geography of Crete here is a little picture for your convenience:

The green arrows point to the three locations

So they went southwest from Rethimnon to Grammeno and have to retrace their steps back to Chania, Rethimnon, Iraklion and on to Agios Nikolaos! A mere four hour drive of 272km in temperatures of 35C. I suggested they scrap the AirBNB booking and stay in Grammeno until it’s time to go home.

Here is a picture of their proposed journey:

Route from Grammeno to Agios Nikolaos

Out this morning on the Promontory there was a lot of barking due to a mysterious figure taking photos from the top of the large rock in the centre. The figure came down to check out the dogs as I got them back on their leads ready to return to the camping. It was Alex from the evening before. I had suggested a visit to the Promontory and he had taken me at my word and gone straight there after his meal. He was so delighted that he got up early to be able to see it in daylight. Having met the dogs, he went on to continue his voyage of discovery. Apparently they are still going to go to Agios Nikolaos.

Other than a gripping visit to the supermarket, too late in the day, when it was already hot, I have not been very active. The high so far is 37.9C (100F) so I, accompanied by a number of dogs, have spent much of the time under the awning on the decking.

Heike, from PAWS Paleochora, called to discuss the approaching departure of Millie, Heidi, Goofy, Henry and one other from Kissamos. Heidi and I are going to meet Heike at Georgia the vet at 10:00 Friday so that we can update Heidi’s passport. Millie’s is still in date due to the fact she was to be shipped to Germany last August. Heidi simply needs her rabies entry updated. Her passport was issued when Malloy had his. We discussed the transportation of the dogs to the airport and agreed that four dogs in one car would be too much. The possibilities are that they are transported on Tuesday night to meet Ursula when she arrives at 21:05 or to bring them straight to the airport for around 05:00 on Wednesday. The Tuesday night plan assumes that Ursula is able to look after the dogs and has someone to transport her and them to the airport. Otherwise we all turn up at 05:00 on Wednesday and pop them all on the plane.

Lorraine Benson is doing the organising so it’s likely that she knows the details. We are hoping she might impart some of the details to us as well. I was winding Ursula up suggesting that she might not get met at Paris and end up taking all five dogs on the Métro and then by train to Dunkirk. Apparently Henry and Goofy are not small dogs like Heidi and Millie. Those two on their own are enough anyway. I’m sure Lorraine has it all worked out. Ursula did say that she was looking forward to a bit of adventure.

There seems to be a little more activity on the camping however I’ve not been out and about that much other than a trip to the loo, watering Janne and Erica’s plants and a cold shower around 14:00.

Washing my hands last night, I discovered there was no water so went to investigate. Some bright spark had closed the valve on the pipe which feed water to the external showers and also to me.




2 responses to “Goofy, Henry, Heidi and Millie”

  1. If they are still there, I can assure them that Agios Nicolaos is no longer worth a visit. We learnt that in 2015.
    I’m looking forward to what you have to say about Henry and Goofy.
    Please tell Heidi it’s not long now…

    1. Without wishing to dampen their enthusiasm, I too suggested that if there was a choice between Paleochora and Agios Nikolaos, the former would win hands down. A no-contest situation in my view.

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