Wandering past the office last night I could hear Georgia talking to someone on the phone in English. Not one of her strengths. She thrust the receiver into my hand as I came through the door and contented herself with petting Obi. Dave was outside as he displayed no interest in coming into the office. The caller was a customer who needed to know the location on the camping. He was talking about walking but I suggested a taxi if he had the desire to live a long and healthy life. Walking from Paleochora to Grammeno, along the main road, in the dark is not in the top ten most recommended activities. Whether he arrived at the camping or not, I do not know, as I continued the Dave evening potter and went back for something to eat.

Over 40C (105F) again today so a little bit warm. The mist spray in the SDC has been on for most of the day and I have sprayed Boris’ compound twice. He is now virtually in the shade of the building so lucky. The part of the SDC by the van is now also in the shade and I can see Minnie lying flat out on the wet sand enjoying the fine mist from above. A dog’s life indeed.

This time next week, all going well, Millie and Heidi will be on their way to UK. There are still many unknowns and Antonis has not come back to me to tell me if he is able to take me yet. We are also awaiting information from Lorraine but as she knows how it all works, she probably assumes everyone else does so doesn’t feel it necessary to enlighten the rest of us.

There was absolutely no one on the Promontory this morning: even Kostas was absent. Boris came along too as he was not with us yesterday. He just sat in the corner of his compound showing no interest whatsoever in coming out for a walk. This morning he seemed to have plenty of energy and went swimming for as long as I was prepared to throw the ball. It was quite warm this morning so there was a lot of interest in going in the sea but not quite so much in larking about. Despite his prolonged absence during the walk, Obi managed to turn up at the right moment near the end.

Before going to the supermarket, I decided to accurately measure the frame for the new sail shade. I transferred the money yesterday but doubtless it will take a day or so to appear in their account. Measuring the frame is not without problem as it is not possible to hold both ends of the tape. I used a magnet to hold one end but measuring the diagonals was less than accurate. Hopefully Antonis will appear later and we can exchange a cold beer for some measuring assistance.

Reading the ingredient list on the side of my Agros 100% fruit juice drink tetrapak, I noticed that the main component of my pineapple juice was ‘apricot purée’. Guessing this to be an oversight, I went to their website to let them know and suggest they might wish to amend the description before the next package print run. I’m sure they need people like me, who actually take the trouble to read the ingredients and point out an error, like a hole in the head!

Boris just ventured from the shady corner of his compound to the corner opposite, which still remains in the sun. He dug the ground trying to find cooler sand creating clouds of dust which were blown in the wind. He has now given up the unequal struggle and gone back to the shade.

Antonis called earlier to say that he plans to go to Chania on Friday so is only able to take me in to Paleochora at 08:00. The vet doesn’t come until 10:00 so I’m not overjoyed by the thought of hanging around until she arrives. Maybe I’ll take her on Tuesday if Antonis can do it then.



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