New neighbours

After a peaceful beginning, I now have new neighbours. The area north of me is generally designated for groups. Usually groups of young French if history is anything to go by. There was a minor invasion of around twenty or so about 11:00. I popped round to mention the fact that there are a few dogs next door. Especially as they are camped right up to my north fence. I offered electricity so they could charge Les Gadgets rather than leave their devices on the electricity posts by the side of the main thoroughfare. Slightly annoying if someone walks off with your new tablet. 

They seem fairly normal teenagers in a mixed age range from what I can see. Their closeness to the compound has caused consternation for the likes of Oskar and Heidi in particular. Millie has also been quite excitable. The others are calmer and only react for a particularly noisy event. 

At one point I took Oskar out to see them in the flesh hoping to create a link between the disturbance outside and real people. He was, as ever, reluctant to engage with young Frenchmen. Later, I left him out with Dave in the storeroom and that seemed to work quite well. He could amuse himself watching them from the safety of the storeroom. Eventually he started whining so I brought him in. 

Due to the proximity of the new neighbours I decided to do some housekeeping in the area by the fence. It’s not nice for those young chaps with their heads so close to the fence. They are sleeping outside, without tents which won’t be a problem as it’s unlikely to rain. 

I reckon that the dogs will have got used to them by the time the fourth night has passed and the neighbours leave. Should I have to leave in the dead of night to go to the airport, it may be an early awakening for some. 

34.1C was the high today and the forecast is talking about temperatures in the late twenties from Monday onward. Although cool for the time of year, it will be a blesséd relief from cooking day and night. Not that I’ve had any problems sleeping since my renunciation of all things animal-derived. No dreams. Just fall into bed and wake up in the morning. Perfect!  


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  1. No fat men with fags for you..,

    1. The Fat Man has given up smoking

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