Up earlier than expected

My slumbers were interrupted by Minnie and Heidi barking at 05:10. The time the music came on the other side of the fence. I guess the music was someone’s alarm since there was a lot of activity from then on. I was concerned that I might wake the little darlings whilst taking out the dogs but I needn’t have worried as it looks as though they were off to Samaria Gorge for the day. This requires an early start if one is to catch the bus which leaves Paleochora around 06:15 as it’s necessary first to get to Paleochora. I might not have chosen a Sunday to explore the gorge with a group of young people but then I am unaware of the remainder of their programme for the stay. With the racket they were making, I expect half the camping was woken up. Some considerate soul was even whistling a jolly tune. I’m sure the remainder of the Sunday morning sleepers were delighted. I feared that the dogs might bark at the children as we left however my concerns were unfounded.

Out and about there was a large and a small vehicle parked on the beach carpark. I decided I would let only half go as I expected there to be FreeLoaders somewhere on the Promontory. The barking, wafting over in the early morning calm, following the early departees,  might just have been the icing on the cake for the happy campers. Kostas arrived on this motorbike as we got to the car park. Strangely there was little barking. I let him come past as I planned to keep them all together for a little while anyway. Another side-effect of keeping some on is that there is very little barking. Luis and Millie seem programmed to rush off and find something, anything to bark at. Millie can be heard for miles I’m sure. She does it because she has a misplaced belief that she is a leader. Minnie knows better. By rushing off to find something to bark at, she has purpose. She is lying quietly on the decking attached to one of the awning poles due to her inability to understand that shut-up actually means shut-up. Oskar also nearly became another candidate but he and Heidi finally got the message.

At the office last night, during the Dave wander, there was a nice young man who I understand is starting work here soon. If he is a nice young man I suspect he will not stay long once he finds out how long and hard he is expected to work. Unless, of course, he is desperate.

I was confused at the supermarket today when I worked out my shopping bill. I only bought four, extremely large tomatoes, four fairly small peaches, a loaf of bread and a litre of pineapple juice. I didn’t immediately query the 7.50€ bill until I got back to find that the bag I was reusing from the previous day, had a price label for bananas at 1.85€. Seems I paid for my tomatoes and for the bananas from the previous day. I only seem to pay even amounts anyway as they never seem to want to give me any change. Still, as long as they’re happy so am I.

I said it was large

I’ve been trying to sort out my water filter as I’m quite fed up with the amount of sediment which blocks up my kettle each day. I’m also fed up with filling plastic bottle with water. The present consumption is quite high due to the hot weather. The water is fine to drink just that it’s a bit lumpy. Janne gave me a very posh-looking electric tap which I think will go nicely in the kitchen. It has a diverter which allows the water to be directed away from the main spout so I plan to adapt this to attach to my water filter. Ursula is kindly bringing some bits from Screwfix, as and when she finally gets here. It seems there is a problem getting the required number of dogs on the 06:30 flight on Wednesday so this has been changed to a later one. The information at this time is unclear so I’ll not concern myself until it’s sorted out. Looks as though Heidi and Millie might be here until autumn.

Janne phoned me yesterday evening from damp Stockholm in response to a text I’d sent to him. I understood completely what I’d said in my text but it seems he didn’t. Whilst showering earlier the hose with the spray rose had developed a nasty aneurysm and looked set to burst however I managed to complete my shower more or less satisfactorily. I later cut off yet more of the hose as it had developed a series of ever-increasing jets of water providing interesting fountain effects. My request was that, should he visit the shop where he bought the shower which has had for his outside shower, could be bring me one. He told me he was getting a replacement for himself and would bring one for me too. We discussed the wellbeing of his Bourgainvillea: I said I’d been looking after it as instructed and that it had already eaten a small child and a couple of little dogs.

The neighbours have returned from their outing and are reasonably quietly chatting along the flank of my northern boundary. I expect they will have less energy than yesterday evening when they went off to play together on the beach or the Promontory. They might not be getting up quite so early again his morning unless there is some equally challenging excursion.





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