Are they there?

I honestly thought they were not there they were so quiet. I spoke with one of their leaders this morning who told me they had been together for three weeks. I said they seemed like a good bunch and that they were so quiet I’d thought they’d gone. The group plans to visit Samaria Gorge tomorrow and leave the following day. They say the camping doesn’t really have everything they need. Certainly a larger indoor seating area would be useful particularly when it’s windy or wet. I suggested the group might try Houmas this evening. The camping restaurant might be overwhelmed by a group of that size.

I had to abandon me departure to the supermarket to quieten the dogs. Noteably Oskar who ended up in his house whilst I was away. They appear to be working out who is to replace Heidi and Millie as the noisy ones. Ursula tells me that they are both now quite quiet.
The wind came back this afternoon stirring up dust and leaves. It cannot be much fun for campers. Tomorrow and the next week should be calmer so I hope to put back the awning in the morning.

Between them, the dogs are telling me it’s time for some food. Princess and Oskar make a persuasive team.

The sun is on its way down and the air is cooling. I’ve just swept the van and cleaned down the counter top removing around 300m3 of dust and sand. That is a conservative estimate. The past few days of wind has covered everything with a thin film of gritty dust. The floor really needs a wash but as the Brown Dogs will be in there in a few minutes, I really don’t see the point.

During the Dave wander I need to visit the neighbour’s plant to water it as well as deal with some of their garden furniture rearranged by the wind. I will be interested to know the plans they have for it’s continued care. I shall rig up some 4mm pipe and a couple of droppers. That way I don’t have to continually go round there to water it. They’re bringing me a new shower and taking me out so they’re looking after me as well.

The paper in the executive suite has run out or gone inside the dispenser and the bin is full to overflowing. Sadly the quality of lavatorial maintenance is not to the standards maintained by the lovely Tina the cleaner. I spoke with her a while ago outside the supermarket and we commiserated regarding the declining health of her youngest, handicapped daughter. Caring for her daughter prevents Tina from working this season. Tina inspected those toilets several times every day and thoroughly cleaned them at least twice every day.

Fido is trying to find one of those little creatures which is hidden amongst the rocks. The creature, quite sensibly, is not cooperating.


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  1. Nice one to read today… sad about cleaner’s daughter and the lower standards – she did a really good job.
    Love the pics of mutts- Pea in particular= very apPEAling . They all look quite sad though.
    Millie and Heidi are really quiet – no chorus of Yap and Howl any more. Just get noisy for other dogs and occasionally in garden… but it stops quickly and without intervention.

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