Janne’s new trailer

Yesterday’s entry didn’t update as expected. I was writing it on my iPad and there is an extra step required to publish it. You can read it here.

The night was hot so I spent the first part of it sleeping in my chair out under the awning. Awoken by a barking Minnie whose door is reluctant to lock, I put her back in, locked the door, and then retired inside.

My alarm went off where I left it, outside on the decking. The dogs heard it even if I didn’t, so up we got. It was warm and dark as we set off across the beach towards the car park. I could make out some vehicles nestled amongst the trees in the car park. I let off all but Princess, Luis and Obi and we went to the end of the point where some fishermen appeared out of the gloom. The dogs barked but one of the fishermen was actively but ineffectively calling them to him. They marched on to the lava dump at the very point which is one of the favourite fishing spots. We moved round to the higher area above the lagoon where I played ball with Boris and the other dogs ragged about. More active they were today. Back the way we came to the camping where some people were already starting to get up.

I did all the usual cleaning and then decided to set up and test my new shower. Not a very complicated setup operation requiring a few cable ties to the wire fence. I will try it for a few days and maybe adjust it in light of experience.

Janne called out to ask if I needed bread which worked very well as it saved me a visit to the supermarket. He remarked that I smelled sweater than usual following my inaugural shower.

Antonis appeared with Janne’s new  trailer. This trailer has undergone a complicated development phase initially starting off as just being a base for Janne to build up his shed. Then, due to technical and other difficulties, there was delay which meant that construction was unable to start during the first three week portion of their holiday. The plan seemed to modify so that Antonis would construct not only the base but also the actual shed. The completed project arrived this morning towed behind the same trusty Lada which brought the various dog kennels and the motorhome earthquake-resistant front stand.

In Greece everything has a use and a value. The trailer is made from an old car axle onto which Antonis has welded a frame and then constructed the metal container on top. The roof as well as the sides are from galvanised sheet steel. The aim of the trailer is to contain all of the items which Janne and Erica have to leave in their caravan whilst they are away or outside in the rain whilst they are in residence. Bicycles, chairs, tables, ornaments and various other paraphernalia. All this is put into their van or bathroom so has to be removed each time the arrive, which is often at unsociable times. With the trailer, they can simply put everything in there, lock the door to their caravan, and leave. When they arrive, they can put it all out the following day and just go straight to bed in their van. Better than struggling to drag out all these items just to be able to get in the front door. Especially after a long day travelling.

The French group started to pack up and are moving to Kissamos to a camping there, on to Chania ending up in Iraklion for their flight back to France next Monday. They will have been on Crete around four weeks. They left only a couple of paper tissues on the area where they have been. The corresponding Greek group would have left enough rubbish you’d need an external contractor. I chatted to the leaders where we talked about Crete in the winter, dogs and the usual stuff. They were impressed that there were as many as ten dogs so close to where they were camping. The kids seemed full of beans despite ‘doing’ yet another gorge yesterday. Apparently they have done quite a few during their stay on Crete.  I congratulated the leaders on their group and hoped they would pass it on. A far cry from the other lot!

Janne is cutting holes in his trailer to fit ventilators. I should imagine he has a number of improvements in mind before he will be satisfied with the project.

Mikhalis stopped me to ask if his pickup was in my way. He’s taken to parking it parallel to the Grammeno Ferrari outside my gate. Nearly every bit of clutter, apart from the heavy BBQ, awaiting removal by a third party, and the fridge, has been removed. Including the bar stools which I had been moving further under the carob trees. I come out most mornings with my hose to give the sand a bit of a sprinkle as otherwise it can get a little niffy. Dave spends less time in the SDC now that it’s hotter, preferring to be in the storeroom where it’s marginally cooler, except at night. Certainly less windy. Boris’ favourite spot at night is the corner of his compound under the light which has been located there when I took down the awning for the first time. Too hot for daytime occupation where he goes to the opposite corner. Now he is right by where Janne is working on the other side of the fence but seemingly oblivious to all the drilling and carrying-on.

Like Miss Muffet, a spider has appeared, dangling from a thread attached to the awning above.

Oskar relaxing in the damp sand under the decking. The mister is blowing fine droplets from the other side of the wire

Janne is still drilling in his ‘new house’ as he describes it. I feel this will keep him amused for quite a while.

The gate to the SDC is open allowing freedom of movement to all citizens of the dog population. Here in the EU, unlike Brexit Britain, we encourage free movement.


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