Up again!

The French got up around the same time as me. They were off to Samaria Gorge like the previous group the week before. There was no whistling, only whispering. The other campers probably think they are all still in bed. On a trip to the office later, to fix the Internet, I mentioned to Maria that this group is nothing like the other.

Several cars in the car park meant a restricted walk for more than 50% of the dogs. Boris, Fido, Charlie and Oskar were off but not the others. We walked to the end, climbed to the rocky outcrop up high and watched the sea and the sky. It was quite warm anyway so there was a general lack of energy. We didn’t go to the beach but went back the way we came. A bit of an unsatisfactory walk, more for the dogs than for me. At least they had a change of scenery for an hour or so and they have more running about space now there are fewer. I let them out with me too. Only Pea and Charlie were in the SDC at one point. For no other reason than they didn’t come out.

Once back, I started my cleaning routine and then concentrated on getting the awning up as it was very calm. With such a large awning you don’t need any surprises or to be caught with it unattached from the decking. The wind is quite strange often blowing unexpectedly and strongly. It’s up for probably a week as I’m sure it will get windy again once August starts. Hopefully my new sail shade will arrive before long which should enable me to keep the awning up most weather.

Someone nearby has got some nice bassy speakers and wishes everyone to know and benefit. There are often Albanians lurking about opposite the camping and they love to screech their tyres and play loud music on their stereos. Things they’re unlikely to be able to do in Albania due to lack of money and work.

I’ve been cobbling together my tap, water filter and alkaline filter. I want to see that it all works together before I start running pipes into the van and making holes. So far my tests seem ok however the main water’s a bit hot to try out the alcaline filter. No leaks so far. I dismantled the alcaline filter as I’ve had it for years and felt it might be a bit gummed up with impurities. I cleaned it and reassembled it. I’ve installed a new active filter and changed the element in the prefilter so it can have a test later when the water is cooler. It will be good if it’s all working properly. The current model is over £1,000 to replace it!

Erica was sweeping up the carob pods blown down by yesterday’s wind. I said that I felt it a bit poor that they guy looking after things whilst they were away didn’t deal with the garden too. I’ve suggested I rig up some irrigation pipe to my side of the fence so that their plants get watered with mine. I can see them being forgotten if not.

Someone is really going for it with a chainsaw not far away. On a Sunday evening what’s more!

The new people in T1 speak English and Italian. The man and child are speaking English but I heard Italian later.

I think Janne is installing their new [external] shower. How exciting.

Chainsaw still whirring away!

What’s this by the fence? My new Swedish (purchased in Sweden, made most probably in China) shower. Complete with tripod and pointy feet to push into the soft ground. Janne had been unpacking and put it, assembled, over the fence. Too late to be putting it up now so it can wait until tomorrow morning. I might need a shower right now but for me, the moment has passed and I’d rather be putting the dogs to bed and getting on with my evening.


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