The camping is at last busier

As we roll inexorably towards the end of July the camping is getting busier. The sound of hammering-in of pegs is becoming more frequent and small children’s voices can be heard floating with the wind. Someone has been hammering away just to the north of me. I suspect the newcomer may be friends with Athina as I think I have heard them talking. I picked up goats’ milk from the supermarket for their breakfast this morning. It seemed a little strange for me to be visiting the dairy cabinet again. All that yummy cheese but I know I’m much better off without it as are the animals for me not eating it.

No FreeLoaders on the Promontory so all but Obi set free this morning. Luis only at the end following his dunking. It was quite warm this morning and during the night and I slept out until 01:00 as it was too hot to be inside. The dogs enjoyed swimming having gone a couple of days without. Boris swimming for his ball.

Xanthipos came to borrow my electric screwdriver just as I was feeding the dogs however there was little barking. I’ve noticed that they have become much easier to manage since last Wednesday. Strange to think that it’s nearly a week since the other two went on their trip to the UK. Ursula tells me Millie has been looking after Tony today as she took Heidi to meet her daughter’s dog Minnie and felt one would be enough. Minnie and Heidi were born on the same day. Now there’s a coincidence. They enjoyed a walk out with the grandchildren and met up with some calves.

I’ve been quite busy with office stuff today and had a bit of a chat with Matthew. He has been back on the tools as he says that no one has any money for buying Shepherds’ Huts at the moment or even for a garden shed. He is concentrating on more reliable, if not boring and traditional, ways of earning a living. The family have also just purchased a Labrador puppy. It’s a shared dog between Matthew, his parents and his sister. Apparently, Matthew is the first to look after her. Lucky he doesn’t have anything else to occupy his time.

Janne and Erica have been out today so Janne has not been able to play with his toys. It has been a lot quieter than yesterday however he’s doing his best to catch up at the moment. I think Erica has gone into hiding. You can imagine how noisy it is with him drilling in a sheet metal box on wheels. The dogs do not seem to be bothered by the sounds permeating from the other side of the fence and are simply carrying on with their lives. Dave is in the SDC at present as I have just irrigated his eye. He’s dunked himself in the blue bath and pottered about a bit but now bored, so wants to go back to the storeroom.

Oskar is sulking as I have shoved him in the large crate for random barking. Not that it was very frequent but he needs to know that kind of behaviour is unsatisfactory. Pea is in the small crate next to him. Not that he has done anything wrong just that it takes him forever to eat his food whilst the likes of Oskar, Minnie and Charlie circle like hungry vultures around him. As soon as he shows any sign of deserting his bowl they are straight in and eating his food. Once they have decided between them who should be doing the eating. Much better for all concerned if he is in the crate so that he can eat at his leisure without being bothered by the bigger dogs. Luis is guarding the food bowls deserted by Obi and Princess. They eat little and simply walk away. In fact Luis has been eating a lot less too but this evening polished off his food quite quickly before turning to theirs. He has eaten as much as he can so is now guarding the food bowls from all-comers. The problem is that nobody cares but it keeps Luis off the streets.

As the day started to cool down I decided to do something with the LED lights I bought to put inside the awning. The plan is to have them all the way around the inside of the awning frame so that they provide some background light. The problem is that August is most likely to be windy before my new sail shade arrives. This will require me to take down the awning and have to remove the lights. This is a trial period and I’ll know what it looks like once it gets dark and the lights come on. The solar panel and battery box is cable-tied to the Antonis awning brackets and even has an adjustable pivot so that the panel can be angled to make the most of the sun.

Under awning lights


A customer is lighting a BBQ and the smoke is drifting this way. The air is virtually still almost a Beaufort 0 situation.

Janne and Erica are sitting out on their balcony which is atop their bathroom roof, I gives a great view out over the sea to the east.



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