Cooler and cloudier

For a nice change it is cooler and cloudier today. There is even the remote possibility of rain later although only a 20% chance when I looked earlier today.

Not a soul to be seen on this morning’s ramble so all except Obi allowed off the lead. Obi is still a penetant following successive disappearences at the end of the walk. Minnie will be joining him tomorrow as she decided to go AWOL this morning. She was to be found barking at a customer’s dog with Micky not far behind. Minnie really suffers if not let run as she has so much energy.

Janne brought bread this morning saving a visit to the supermarket and Athina gave me some of her lovely veggie stew I saw her preparing yesterday. Nice to have a bit of variety from time to time.

Definitly more punters now as the volume of noise is increasing. Not just little children but some larger ones as well. Although a pleasant change for us, the punters are probably not enjoying the clouds and cooler temperatures.

Despite the increased volume, including from over the fence, the dogs are relatively well behaved. There’s more excitement as the evening comes as it is cooler and they are hungrier. Even when they do make a noise, they respond to requests for quiet. Oskar has now been put in the Sin Bin for repeated violations of the non-barking code. He put his great hoof in the water bowl as he got into the crate so will have a wet bottom and nothing to drink until teatime. At present, he is the worst offender!

I don’t think I’ll be sleeping outside tonight, like last night until 01:00 when, all of a sudden, it got a bit chilly. I might even have to put on a shirt before I feed the dogs.

I spent some time chatting to an Apple support person this afternoon discussing the screen coating on my laptop which has deteriorated to such a point that, under some conditions, it’s difficult to view the screen in some places. A browse of the Internet showed that Apple is replacing MacBook Pro screens which have been affected by damage to the anti-reflection coating on the scree. In bright conditions it is particularly annoying but not so much otherwise. There is only one Apple service centre in Greece so I might ship my laptop to UK to have the work done. I’m not too keen on being without my laptop for a while but I suspect this problem will only get worse with time.

There are a lot of dogs wandering around purposefully so I suppose I had better go and feed them.


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