Luis and his biscuits

Luis guarding his biscuits

Luis can be a little noisy at times with a bit of random barking in the mornings when we get back from the walk. I’ve taken to putting him in the former Millie, now Princess, large crate until late morning. I give him his biscuits in the crate when I feed the others. Luis has been eating less recently, which is no bad thing. I came to let him out but didn’t remove the uneaten biscuits. Later I discovered he was still by the cage in the shade, not under the van as expected. Now that the sun is casting a shadow on the ground, Luis is back in the cage guarding his biscuits. He doesn’t want them, he knows there will be more on offer this evening, but sure as hell he’s not going to risk any other dog getting them!

Minnie and Obi were the only ones on the lead today following Minnie’s disappearing trick yesterday. Indeed Xanthipos singled her out for comment as we returned to the camping just after 07:00. She was assisting ripping open the rubbish bags yesterday morning with her little boyfriend Mucky. At least she got her breakfast today. The walk was cool and indeed blustery as I found myself sheltering behind the rocks out of the westerly wind. We sat high on the rocks looking over the bay towards Paleochora and the mountains. It was very cathartic (from the Greek word to clean). The wind is pushing the sea up the beach and even going around and under the brollies and loungers. The noise of the sea from here is unmistakable and the waves must present difficulties for small children.

Janne and Erica were on the beach this morning until Janne came back for something he’d forgotten. He asked me a question about a laptop problem but then remembered Erica waiting on the beach. I suggested she might be abducted and that she may not still be there. He replied, in that case he’d come straight back and we can get on with fixing his laptop. So much for the age of chivalry!

I’ve been in contact with Dell engineers somewhere in India to get them to recommend a specification for the new Inter Sport server. I told the Dell expert what Inter Sport is planning to do with it and they came back with a specification very similar to the one I had produced previously. I will leave it to Mike to place the order and deal with payment.

Another IT task was to help Janne with a printing problem on his elderly laptop. I went round to find out what was not working so we were sitting together as he demonstrated. For some reason, the dogs started to bark so I went to the fence to tell them to calm down. They were quiet again so we were able to get on. Janne also showed me his new shed and the work he has done to arrange it so that all their bits and pieces will fit in when they are away. He has also fixed up some shelves so that he can find what he needs without having to rake through lockers in his van. Very organised he is. Both Janne and Erica commented that the dogs have been a lot quieter since their return last Sunday. Especially considering the racket Janne has been making working on his shed!

Shrieks of delight are carried from the beach by the wind. There are still people there enjoying themselves one hour before sunset. I’m noticing the sun slowly making its way back behind the mountains towards Paleochora in the mornings: I will only be happy once it rises from the sea as this is definitely the best.




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