Early gardening

Surprisingly there were no cars parked in the beach car park except the one containing a couple who were not there for the view. Pity they had to leave such a revolting legacy!

No one around out walking but I reacquired Minnie and Princess as they have been quite dilatory about returning lately. All present and accounted for at the end. A couple of dogs lurking on the beach, Five and possibly Mucky as well as a customer’s dog within the camping. I used to think that manoeuvring four dogs into and out of the camping was a challenge and so might eleven have been. When there are lots of customer dogs about it is a lot more stressful.

I decided I needed to finish off the Private Access so went straight to it as soon as we got back. Changing into long trousers wasn’t really practical so I stuck to my working/walking shorts and polo shirt. I have the occasional small cut and puncture wound to prove the point. I have now hacked back a sensible path out onto the field, cleared the ground of spiky plants and remains thereof. I suppose I was at it for an hour or so. What the people camped nearby thought of this crazy guy out first thing in the morning cutting back the jungle on the waste ground next door. Do I care? What do you think? The only thing I have to do now is check that there are no sheep in the field and that I can actually get out of the other end onto the stony road by the kantina.

Janne (PBS) came to find me to ask if I wanted bread so I explained I was creating an emergency fire escape in case of fire on the camping. We agreed that the prospect of fire on the camping was not something we’d like to experience. Janne was wearing a very orange T-shirt. Shortly after, I came back in and had a shower before dealing with the dogs. I was sweaty, dirty and dusty.

Janne warned that they were having a few friends round for a breakfast and that there might be a little noise. I was expecting Oskar might have something to say however he remained silent the entire time. Only Luis and a brief outburst from Princess shattered the otherwise peaceful event. It was a group consisting of Swedes and a Frenchman. I asked which language they would speak and we agreed that Finnish would be the most appropriate choice. We have come to the conclusion that Finnish is only spoken by Finns. As it happened, they all spoke English with a few asides in Swedish. There was no confusion about which member of the party was French. His English was very good but he had more than a slight accent. If I was going to impersonate a Frenchman speaking English I would do it something like that.

The afternoon seems to have disappeared but I did have a little snooze to recover from my earlier gardening event which may have had something to do with it.

Using the Private Entrance will require a revised dog marshalling procedure. Two protocol changes in just over a week! Getting all the dogs through the SDC in one go might not be an option so I will need to think about the most sensible solution. So many angles to consider!

Little grumbles from Luis who is in the crate guarding his biscuits. He doesn’t want to eat them just ensure that no one else does. Dog yapping from guy behind me. Not a sound from my lot.


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