Millie is with her forever family

Thanks to Ursula, Millie has managed to get to Reni and Tomas the day after their return from holiday. Millie was taken with Heidi on a car journey to Banbury where Reni and Tomas agreed to meet up. They have all had a walk together and now Millie will continue her journey to Leicester to find her new home. It was a bit of a blow when it was discovered that Reni and Tomas would be away at the time when Ursula was able to come to Crete to collect them. Fortunately, Ursula agreed to look after the two of them until they returned. A big thank you is owed to Ursula for braving the flight to Crete and the long day transporting the three dogs back to UK.

Millie with Reni and Tomas out walking with Tony and Heidi at Banbury

I was dragged from my sleep by the noise from an all-night party which I suspect was hosted at Delino restaurant right next to the camping. The noise increased as the evening passed, however, I was woken up at silly o’clock by music and singing. The event was still in progress at 05:00 when I woke up and then at 05:30 when I got up. A glance across the bay confirmed that Houmas was in darkness leaving only Delino as the next viable candidate.

Only one car in the car park as we walked across the beach. I had thought about going out via the Private Exit however didn’t find the time to go down to the road to see if it is possible to get past the kantina into the field. Passing through the camping I suspect Micky was the one that barked. Fortunately, my lot didn’t. Hard luck tomorrow Micky as we will be using the PE from now until the field is again used by sheep or builders. We came in via the Private Entrance so we at least know it works.

Georgia has been trying to get hold of me for the past couple of days to fix her computer again. I set it up the other day but she sent a message to say that she was unable to connect again. I installed a router on the pole not far from her house as I thought it a good idea to share a bit of extra WiFi with the customers. We missed each other yesterday so today I went to the bar to find her. Apparently, she is in a lot of pain with her back and things have not been running too smoothly in the camping as well. She was certainly struggling as we walked from the bar to her house. The good thing about her house is the air conditioning. I don’t really like air conditioning for a number of reasons, however, working in an air conditioned environment is quite pleasant especially if I’m not paying for it. Just me being a bit of a wimp. The ‘problem’ with Georgia’s computer is simple. It is very old and slow, the WiFi is slow and unreliable, the access point has been baked in the summer sun and sits only metres from the sea. The network cabling is several years old and exposed to the sun and rain on the flat roofs of the building over which it passes. It also goes near tree branches where it is stretched and rubbed. How anything works amazes me. I suggested she might consider a new computer and I would sort out the rest. She seems up for that.

I found some silver-backed bubble material, used in cars to block out the sun, in the bin the other day. I have resisted using my purpose-made insulating mats on the van windscreen as I like the view of the mountains and sea from my bed. The foil is not large enough to cover the entire windscreen as a car windscreen is a lot smaller than a van. This is ideal as it blocks out most of the eastern sunshine in the morning, leaving me a window to the mountains. The windscreen mat has now been used to cover the large rear window which is open all the time in summer. The mat reduces the temperature inside the van as well as protecting the window from the sun. The rear window faces west so sees the afternoon sun.

A hood over the plexiglass window reduces the sun and the heat

Suddenly it has become quite windy but that is fairly normal for this time of the day. It will calm down as the sun sets so we should hopefully have a much quieter night than last. The high today was 35.1C and it is now 30.8C and cooling.

Here is a CCTV image from the Bar (μπαρ) in Greek

The Bar (Μπαρ) Your typical Sunday evening drinkers just off the beach

The doggy meat, as Sunday is meat night, is warming up in the van as the tin has been in the fridge since Wednesday when they had the first half. One large tin divided amongst nine dogs manages to last for two meals but makes it just that little bit more exciting from time to time.

My nearest neighbours, directly behind have gone, as have Athena, Giannis and George. I think I was with Georgia when they left so we were not able to say goodbye.

Better feed the mutts. Seems that Pea is incapable of playing without making a noise. I shut him in Oskar’s house earlier only to discover that Oskar was already in there when I let them out that is…


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