The weather forgot to read the forecast properly

In and out via the Private Entrance today. I need to work on the marshalling procedure as it is not very efficient. It will all become more straightforward as time goes on and they get used to going out and returning the same way.

I contemplated the weather forecast, particularly the wind, to decide whether to take down the awning or not. The forecast showed some wind but nothing really very strong. The time of the strong winds passed with very little to show, however, as the afternoon progressed, the wind got stronger. Had I known how strong the wind was going to be, I would have taken down the awning. Once it is blowing, this is no longer an option. A couple of the more elderly elastics broke but, so far, things are ok and the wind is reducing.

Other than the wind, it has been quite an uneventful day. It has been warm and sunny with a high of 34C. Fewer people on the camping meant less noise and it was probably much windier on the beach.

This evening is a wild party at the Grammeno restaurant as not only is it Janne’s birthday but Georgia’s too. Despite her telling me she is too busy for birthday celebrations when I was working on her computer yesterday. Strangely her computer appears to have been online for most of the day so it’s possible that it’s connecting better.

I asked Xanthipos if he’d get the other WiFi access point down from the tall pole which some clever soul decided would enhance its performance. He told me that he was a little busy today but would do it tomorrow once he had permission from Georgia. The wheels grind slowly on…

The dogs are going to be fed and put to bed earlier today as I will be going out for this wild event at 20:30 – hopefully I will not get caught up in any traffic during my long journey to the camping restaurant.

Oskar and Charlie are on the loose in the main compound and Oskar is prowling around me making ‘feed-me’ actions. The wind is significantly calmer now and the cicadas are making up for lost time.

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