Rest day

Following all the installation activity of yesterday’s water-in-the-van project, I needed to have a little rest today. All that crawling about in the dust under the van was fun whilst it lasted but one can have enough of a good thing.

Today started off completely calm with no wind whatsoever. Getting the dogs up was difficult without making any noise as it was so quiet without the wind. Out on the Promontory we found Kostas hard at work gathering his salt. He was by his car as we approached and the light from his head-torch could be seen from the distance. The dogs communed and Boris insisted on having his ball thrown. Having been so cavalier in the past, Kostas is more reluctant to pick up Boris’ ball. One day, Kostas decided to play rough with Boris and a stick. I warned Kostas of the possible outcome however he knew better. Boris, losing grip of his stick, lunged forward for better purchase on a piece of stick currently occupied by Kostas’ fingers. Surprisingly Kostas let go quite suddenly so Boris won that round. Since that time, Kostas has been more circumspect regarding his interactions with Boris. During our conversation Kostas mentioned that there were fewer visitors in Paleochora this summer. He reckons it’s down to shortage of cash. I pointed out that for UK visitors things are now very expensive in the Eurozone due to the weakness of the pound following the Brexit referendum and the ensuing uncertainty. Added to that, the Euro is gaining value making matter worse.

We moved on with my little possee sticking reluctantly beside me. All dogs reported for return except Minnie however she was at the main compound gate quite quickly when we got back. She hasn’t sussed out that she can let herself back in if she goes via the field. The others are beginning to catch-on to the new regime and are starting to get programmed. Despite being attached to the fence in the SDC, Boris still tries to go back out to the main gate when I marshall them prior to departure. Old Dogs and New Tricks maybe.

A visit to the supermarket was urgently required as I’d not been for several days meaning stocks were quite low. No brown bread this morning but I was quite late getting there. So many people seem to want brown. They need to order more, not say it’s run out again!

After my breakfast I had a little relaxation and the remainder of the day has been punctuated by the occasional request for my services and a few light duties.

The wind returned in the afternoon although it seems to have little bearing on what was forecast in WindFinder. I have taken down the easterly sun blocker as two of the four guys were damaged and the sun had moved on by that time anyway. I need to find some more elastic stretchy things as they work quite well. The 1€ shop was closed the last time I was in Paleochora and there were none the time before.

I can hear some hammering from the adjacent storeroom but I suspect Dave is sleeping without being disturbed.

There are more customers in the North Quadrant as the camping is getting a little fuller and it is a reasonably sheltered spot. There was a certain amount of barking during the time they were setting up so hopefully they have worked out the proximity of the doggy population.

Janne and Erica will be returning to Sweeden this weekend as I should imagine Erica resumes work quite soon. She says that she might consider retiring at the end of next year if she can get what she needs to do so. They have family members staying close by so are often out and about rather than around their van. I think they are looking forward to the times when they will be able to come later in the season when the weather is still warm but the tourists fewer.

Luis has spent most of the day tied to my chair where I can give him a poke if he makes a racket. Better than him being incarcerated in the crate more than necesary and saves me chasing him around when he skuttles off under then van when I come looking for him. He can be a right little toad! He’s better than he was though. Small mercies I suppose.



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