More wind!

Last night was very windy with the van rocking around like a ship on a rough sea. The east sun blocker is still down as I don’t have sufficient cords to keep it in position at present. Bad planning on my part but they were not delivered originally and the company, despite my requests, somehow forgot to deliver replacements. Life is too short to be bothering with that so we did what we could with what we had. I noticed this morning, just how much hotter it is under the awning when the shade is not there. It will be interesting to see what a difference the sail shade makes when it makes its appearance. I’m hoping it will be ready before Ursula and Tony leave for Crete. After all, the sail shade is the size of a groundsheet so will just slip in between all the eight packs of 60×60 awning floor tiles, the three edging packs and the large electrical box. Not forgetting the sixty bungee balls too. Ursula will no longer talk to me when she reads this. I did say Tony could have the use of my industrial vacuum cleaner for the duration of the stay so that is one thing less for them to have to bring back. He has this thing about sand between his toes which is a bit of a problem when living on a beach.

A new support customer called with an iPad email problem earlier. They live not far Paleochora up in the mountains. She is American and he Japanese. We managed to rectify the email account and had a bit of a chat about living in Crete. They have lived here on and off since 2002. They live in Berlin when not in Crete and their common language is German. Apparently the area where they are is very beautiful and worth a visit.

Following several quite windy days the temperatures have been quite low for the season but today has been a little warmer with a high of 35.8C. The wind changed direction during the night so I woke up feeling very hot at around 05:00. I was glad of the breeze when we went out for our walk. We sat on the rocks at the furthest point of the Promontory and gazed at the sea. My little captives gazed with me and the others scavenged the rocks and went back and forth as they wished. It’s almost still now but there are some sudden very strong gusts which tend to send everything flying.

Janne called me over to distribute some of the remainders left by his daughter who is flying back to London today. One very interesting item was nuts covered in wasabi which is similar to horseradish in some respects. I have also acquired some breakfast cereal, teabags and a full jar of peanut butter. All very vegan and not a dead animal for miles! I must confess to feeling a lot better since giving up cheese and yoghurt and all other animal-derived products. The current supplies of tomatoes are extremely tasty and also huge. I didn’t have any bread the other night but was completely filled up on just vegetables and fresh fruit. Some of the fruit can be a little disappointing as it turns quickly having spent time in the fridge. It’s important to catch it before it goes too far. When it’s warm, that’s not easy.

Friday again, so the camping is quite full which is a good thing as this is now the month. If it’s not going to be full now, it never will be. Roll-on the mid-August holiday and the end of the season. Not being selfish you understand but I’m getting a bit fed-up with all these people cluttering up the place with their tents and all their possessions.

Not having to negotiate my pack through the camping and beach in the mornings is a real bonus especially as I am getting more organised and they are becoming used to the change. From the gate into the field we can get onto the promontory without meeting anyone or anything.




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