Definitely busier

I saw Mikhalis showing a couple a camping spot behind T2 and near to Janne and Erica’s caravan. I was chatting to Erica as she handed me a bottle of Manolis’ wine which was presumably left behind following the birthday festivities. Our combined negative waves appear to have worked since they are not camped in that location. With their trailer parked by the wall opposite their van, there is now little room for people to pitch their tents unless they plonk them down right in front of their caravan. This is quite possible since Mikhalis knows that they are going. There are a few tents near me and a couple up close but then I can’t see them, only hear them.

Janne and Erica leave the camping tomorrow evening but are staying over in Chania before their midday flight to Stockholm Monday. They will most likely return to Grammeno for the New Year. Erica returns to work on Wednesday and Janne never stops!

Oskar is in his house for the second time today for making excessive noise. I simply came into the compound, he retreated into his house and I closed the door. Charlie and Pea are up to something at present as I can see them digging around the side of the blue bath adjacent to the fence. Princess and the Brown Dogs are all on the decking, not that Luis has a choice since he’s attached to one of the awning uprights.

Ursula finally received the quote from Maria which she has been waiting for since their stay at Grammeno in May. Not bad really: only two months wait! They have decided they will stay in one of the Small Cabins, the same one as the last visit, rather than bring their tent and other camping requirements. Certainly the Small Cabin offers protection should the weather turn a little indecisive and one does not have all that problem of pitching and packing up the tent at the end.

Today was warmer than yesterday with a top temperature of 38.4C. There was some wind but it’s very calm now. I have a feeling it may be warm all night.

There is something very interesting behind or under the blue basin as now Minnie is continuing the quest.

It is very quiet so I don’t think I’ll bother to move until one of them decides they cannot survive another moment without eating. Princess snuck onto the table where I had left a few remaining biscuits from this morning. They were left by her anyway. Luis is probably full of lizard so will likely decline the offer of food. He is eating much less now which is not a bad thing.

Following my Dave and Obi walk around the camping, I can report that it is as busy as I have seen it in a long time. Admittedly I was walking around in the dark, there were still spaces and some of the spaces had been badly used. One problem is that the pitches are not marked out. Another is that Greeks ignore all markings anyway: only Northern Europeans are likely to take any notice. Even though it is nearly 23:00, there is plenty of movement although I suspect there will be very little when I’m up and out at 05:30. It’s good that the camping is busy as this season is very short. Only another ten days and we are at the August Bank Holiday. From there, it’s a steady decline.

I must also add that there was a wonderful silence when I returned with Dave and Obi. Not a sound or a squeak. Surprising given that other dogs were to be heard and the number of people on the camping.


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