Erica and Janne have left

Another quite hot day with a maximum temperature of around 40C (104F). It was nearly 30C when we went out at 05:40 this morning so it wasn’t a very energetic walk as you might imagine. It is starting to be a little darker in the mornings so it’s possible we may review our departure time in a week or so. The present system of the alarm works quite well as there is littel movement until they hear it sound. Only Minnie decided not to come back this morning so I had to wander the camping to find her. As it turns out, she wasn’t very far. She will be on the lead for tomorrow morning’s walk.

Janne and Erica have been putting all their stuff away today. This time in their new trailer. Nothing cluttering up the caravan or the bathroom so they could simply arrive then fall into bed without having to remove bicycles beforehand.

I’ve not been out and about yet but suspect a few people have left as it is Sunday evening. The camping is still busy but I’ll know more after the Dave walk.

It has been a very quiet day other than the sounds of the neighbours packing up and the general background noises of the camping. I’ve been checking servers and doing some general maintenance work. Too hot to be doing much very active. I didn’t even go out to the supermarket and finished off some of the remains I was given previously. I knew that Janne and Erica would bring me some more remains so a supermarket visit seemed unnecessary.

The dogs have been fed and are quietly in their runs or on the decking. I can hear the sound of someone pumping up their inflatable mattress so I’m guessing they are arriving rather than departing. It is now almost dark so time to put the dogs to bed. It’s still over 31C.

Having performed my watering duties, now three plants to water, and walked Dave and Obi to the office. I can say, with a reasonable degree of certainty, that, despite some new arrivals, there are approximately seventeen fewer people on the camping than yesterday.


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