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The removals appear to have helped. Until 05:20 when Pea let loose a barrage of barking followed by the sound of a cat or similar, racing over Janne’s new rear decking. No point in going back to sleep as the alarm would soon sound.

Slightly different marshalling arrangements today as Pea (see additional photos in yesterday’s blog amended this morning) has his house next to Oskar in the SDC and not next to his mummy in the main compound. This morning I collected together the Brown Dogs and Princess with Boris and carefully closed the gate between the SDC and the main compound. I put all but Boris on the fence outside the, now open, gate to the field. Got Pea, Minnie, Oskar and Charlie out and led them to the external gate, attaching Boris to those already there. And off we [jolly well] went into the field. They have to sniff at everything still, as this route is comparatively new to them. I’m trying to get them away from the camping so as not to wake people up. On and down to the end of the Promontory well before 06:00. Minnie loose for a bit of a run and then reacquired to prevent a disappearing act at the end. Going into the camping now is not so funny as it is quite full, so best to avoid potential problems. Sitting on the rocks between the sea and the lagoon throwing Boris’ ball in either direction. Sometimes he dropped the ball and it rolled away, bouncing on the rocks, all on its own. No interaction from me: automated ballaki throwing! The moon’s fading light glistening on the calm sea accompanied by ever such a mere hint of a warm breeze. The pre-dawn light slowly ignites the eastern sky over the distant mountains. The dogs charging over the rocks, chasing each other and fighting over a discovered pair of underpants. How romantic!

Back the same way in through the gate and some dogs released, the others taken through to the main compound, Luis to Princess’ crate and Boris to his personal compound. Pea put in his house as he can be playfully noisy. Not too much of a problem for me but there are punters close by.

Spot the deliberate error: who forgot to close the gate to the field? So now I pick up a bunch of leads and go into the field which is quite large and leads uninterrupted onto the beach and entire Crete. Oskar and Minnie come bounding up so that’s easy, back on their leads. Missed Charlie so he went wandering off. Fido was in the distance but he is quite obedient so wandered over when summoned. Charlie continued his wanderings oblivious to my whispered entreaties to return. Of course, I had already taken the plastic container of biscuits out of my pocket so couldn’t try the old ‘give them a biscuit’ routine. I got up from my crouched position and started back to the gate with the others saying goodbye to Charlie. He then came racing up so I was able to grab him too.

Fortunately, the old Private Entrance is now completely closed off since Xanthipos decided to cable tie the irrigation water pipe to CBV to the fence making it now extremely difficult to open. I, following Micky’s close-shave with the sheep last winter, made is so dogs can no longer get under the fence. The idea of those four going ‘walkabout’ in the camping, when it’s full of punters, didn’t do it for me.

Hot again but with only a few strong gusts so far. The top temperature for today is a mere 38.9C so marginally cooler than yesterday. Dave was getting a little hot so has been in for a flop in the blue bath and a sprinkle over with the spray on the hose. Unfortunately I have not had a shower so need to wait for it to warm up a bit. Dave has returned to the storeroom to dry off and rest following his ordeal.

I have been concentrating on website work today. Moving the various WordPress sites to the main url and removing the /wp/ from the address. The aim of this is to make the sites more easy to find and to search. If a site cannot be found, it is of little use. If you are reading this blog it is likely you have received and read my email although it is possible the old links may still continue to work. Matthew wants me to expand and update his website which is what sparked off doing things with websites. I’ve been meaning to make these changes for a while but kept running into problems. Today I decided it needed to be done so kept at it. Hopefully the site will continue to function as expected.

It is now evening so it’s cooling down as the shadows lengthen. Most of the dogs have been in the main compound again but I left the gate open so they could move around freely. For a change Luis has not spent most of the day either shackled to my chair or incarcerated in his crate. He is a ‘guest’ at my pleasure at the moment as he was getting silly and excited. Princess and Pea are together and Oskar is lying calmly on the edge of the decking. The others are in the SDC chilling out.

Despite Dave’s meltdown earlier the water in the pipe from the other showers heated up quickly so my shower was pleasantly warm. The air temperature is fairly high and the sun is still strong, so it heats up again quite quickly. The mornings and evenings are the most comfortable parts of the day at this time of year so if anything needs to be done, that is the time to do it.


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