Yet another windy night

Rock-n-roll again last night. It was a good decision to take down the awning yesterday evening, otherwise things could have been different this morning. The walk was windy, as expected, and I even let them all off the lead due to the lack of FreeLoader vehicles in the car park. Minnie disappeared but was at the inside gate soon after we got back. Obi was back at the camping chatting up some little Greek dog chaperoned by a couple of young Greek girls. I had an idea that he’d go straight back to the camping so I now have confirmation that keeping him on the lead all the time is the only way. At least until the camping is quiet and in the winter, it doesn’t matter.

The wind has kept the cicadas away but now it’s calming down, they are making up for lost time. Another windy shower this evening. It’s so nice when that shading material flicks cold water over me just as I’m drying off!

This is likely to be the second-to-last busy weekend of the season. The Bank Holiday is on Tuesday so it’s likely the camping will be full this weekend and next. After that, it’s a slow decline until the end of the month tailing off into September and October. Some very special people arrive in September so we will need to work up some suitable weather for their stay.

Oskar alerted everyone to the arrival of Georgia and others who were lurking around on Erica and Janne’s decking and van. I’ve sent them a video from the recorder which is fed by their security camera. I’m sure everything is in order but I feel it is my neighbourly duty to keep them informed.

I’m sitting under the carob tree due to not having the awning. Luis is asleep nearby and Princess is under the rear of the van. Luis, Fido and Obi didn’t need any encouragement to go into the van last night as it was so windy. They didn’t really relax all evening. It was also very hot all through the night despite the wind roaring outside the open door and through the roof vents. As a result, I didn’t sleep all that well. At least there were no mosquitoes to worry about!

There are a couple of young ladies camped just outide the northern boundary. From my chair, I can hear them chatting away happily together. The dogs don’t appear to be that concerned as it’s not that long ago that the French group were out there. Certainly easier now that the houses are at the other end of their run.

I suppose I’d better start the feeding and bedtime routines…



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