Dr Finlay’s Casebook (1962-71)

The country medical practice set in the fictional town of Tannochbrae, Scotland in the late 1920’s. Dr Finlay, Bill Simpson and Dr Cameron, Andrew Cruikshank, lived with their housekeeper, Janet MacPherson, Barbara Mullen. Together they recorded 191 episodes as well as some adapted radio broadcasts of the series which ran on TV from 16 August 1962 until 3 January 1971. There was a follow-up series in 1993 called Dr Finlay when the doctor returns to Tannochbrae after the second war. The original series was created by A J Cronin.

There we are! I bet you were unable to rest all afternoon without the benefit of that knowledge.

I must hasten to add that it is now very still as the wind, what little there was today, has virtually disappeared. It has been very hot with a high of 41.4C, which is not the hottest day of the year as we’ve had up to 44.2C already this year.

A loud cracking sound followed by the trickling of water, announced the demise of the external pre-filter for the kitchen water. This is annoying, however not unexpected, as the filter body is made of perspex and is probably around fifteen years old. I amused myself by removing the filter and fixing up a piece of pipe to connect between the ends of the pipe where the filter would normally be. I have asked Antonis if he is passing Mr Polychronis, to pop-in to see if he might have one. I still have water and I still have ionised water, however, without the pre-filter the other filter will quickly get clogged. So it needs to be replaced.

I have also been fiddling with my clock and weather station transmitter as they are now supplied by the van batteries and not the mains electricity. We seems to have had a number of outages recently, including today. We also had no Internet today for several hours, however the power outage forced the router to restart which appears to have done the trick. I think we can safely say that the router is past its prime. It saved me going up there to fix the problem as the staff seem to have been oblivious.

I had a call from Janne regarding the visitors and managed to eventually talk him through the process of installing a player and downloading the file I left for him of the event. The CCTV is recorded and retained for a couple of days. He had no idea about the impromptu tour. Not a bad result considering, although very good at English, Swedish is Janne’s first language. He admits to not knowing mush about technology as well. I could not connect to his computer via the Internet as the Internet was not working at that time. Had I been able to connect, I might have done it in a fraction of the time.

Lots of people on the camping although I have as yet to carry out my usual evening inspection. Lots of happy kiddiwinks playing vociferously on the beach. There are more tents adjacent to the north rampart as well as a few in the vicinity of Janne and Erica’s caravan. No one has encroached upon their space, other than to hang a few towels over their boundary chain.

Lots of dogs are mooching around the main compound and getting into mischief. It is cooler now and nearly tea time so they are finding out how much naughtiness they can get in to. One of their favourite pastimes is to take items from the recycling box and shred them up all over the compound. Oskar is particularly amused by a bundle of plastic wrap.

It’s getting noisy so I’d better feed them.


Luis is still the only one eating and is alternating between two bowls of food. One Princess’, the other, his. He is defending them from Pea who, despite being in the SDC is also, in his cage. Well he’s not actually locked in but the door is closed. He has not worked out that pushing on the door will open it, enabling him to go out. Maybe he’s cleverer than me and actually prefers to remain in his house. Pea woke me up at 04:00 so he is coming out of his cage in the SDC this evening and going back into one of the plastic crates which will be on the decking. Minnie also joined in but 30 minutes later. There may be some small animal scurrying around on the other side of the fence. One of the aims of clearing that area was to try to cut down on things that like to scurry around in the night.

Even later…

Having completed the tour of the camping I can confirm that it is quite very full. There are plenty of tents everywhere with people still arriving. Those pitching this evening will find they have plenty of sun in the morning. Compared to how much space I have, these guys have almost none.

Walking past the poo tank last evening I detected a certain aroma which I know from old. I also saw the large Italian motorhomes parked in the flat area between the poo tank and the kitchens. Likewise the group sitting down to their evening meal with their colourful lanterns joyfully suspended in the trees above. I made a mental note to perhaps mention to Maria there might be a problem with the poo tank on the horizon. As it turned out, Maria was ‘rather busy’ as often she is, so I didn’t get to relay my suspicions.

This evening I popped into the ‘office’ (loo) for a quick download before feeding Dave. By this time it was getting dark. No sooner had I begun preparing Dave’s food then the poo tank alarm went off. Deary me, I thought, maybe my poo was the one which broke the camel’s back. The alarm was soon silenced and I could hear Mikhalis’ pickup motor running as he and his brother dealt with the poo tank pump by the light from the vehicle headlamps. The fumes from the pickup gently mingled flavoursomely with the aroma from the exposed poo tank, wafting towards the nicely arranged tables with their diners poised to tuck-in to their evening repast. I sidled off with Dave to water the neighbours’ Triffid and other plants. Mikhalis and Xanthipos were still hard at work poking and untangling the inevitable unpleasantness blocking the pump. The diners were now peering over towards the lights to discover what was making such a delightful smell. Dave and I continued on towards the office. Maria was there as was Manos, the lad going to Scotland in a couple of weeks. I mentioned to Maria the poo tank incident and she replied that someone was on the case. I said that I knew but wanted to alert her that the Italians were not best pleased having their meal interrupted by a mixture of lights, poo and diesel fumes. No doubt Maria will be straight down to see them first thing in the morning to apologise and to offer them a free drink in the bar or some similar incentive such as 20% off a meal at the restaurant with free wine. OR maybe not…



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  1. As you say… maybe not… the family were chick g about this – well written!

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