More wind?

Just for a change the wind is coming from the west so affects me less as I’m protected by the storeroom on that side. It began last night and it was warm too. I sat outside in my chair waiting for Pea to pee and fell asleep. The next thing I knew Pea was barking at the northern rampart and it was 01:40. I put him to bed before putting myself to bed. It was much cooler by then.

It was easy getting them up under cover of wind as it didn’t matter too much if there was any noise. A lot of cars were parked on the stony beach and in the Grammeno Beach car park. People were sleeping on the beach despite the wind. I think they are all crazy as it was gusting Beaufort 5-6 for a lot of the night. There will be people through to Tuesday due to the holiday.

As well as the wind, there were clouds too. Fortunately they did not block out the moonlight or it would have been difficult to see. The moon is favourable for a couple more days before I’ll maybe have to remember to bring a torch. It gets light enough to see without the moon by 06:10 at present.

They were crazy this morning. Obi, Minnie, Princess and Luis were not allowed off their leads but the others were running and chasing like mad things. Pea was having a great time chasing and being chased by Charlie. The ones on their leads can have fun too, just that they cannot go very far. We moved to the higher rocks and crossed where the sea breaks over to fill the lagoon. The wind was not strong enough to push the waves very far but it was making its presence felt. Over the rocks and then to a more sheltered sandy spot where I can sit down and they can dig and make noise without worrying anyone. Lot of fun was had by all: Boris continued to bring back his ball for me to throw despite the mayhem going on around him. He seems oblivious to it all. Earlier Oskar took his ball and ran off with it. Boris followed but knew Oskar is faster than him. Eventually Oskar surrendered the ball to me so I was able to throw it again for Boris. Despite his often cranky behviour, Boris is remarkably tolerant with the likes of Oskar and Charlie.

Back to the camping where most were still asleep as it was, by this time, 07:25 of a Sunday morning. The customers are on holiday so only very strange people get up early on holiday.

I decided to empty my grey water tank which takes the water from the kitchen sink. Since I now have the tap, much more water goes into that tank. It needed emptying as it had not been done in a while. I didn’t really have the right fittings but have rigged something up so that the water drips on the base of the carob trees as it goes down the sink. The water now goes through the tank rather than remain in it.

Other excitements for today have included doing some clothes washing. Not that I wear many at this time of the year. Also mucking out the van. The wind has brought the dust as have the dogs, so the think layer immediately turns to mud whenever any water is dropped on the floor. I have been meaning to change the floor covering since I bought the van in 2012 and the cushion covers are also quite faded and worn. The covers were certainly not new when I got the van and have survived lots of doggy paws and scrabbling about. I give them a wipe over now and again but don’t think they would survive washing. I might consider getting them recovered for the winter. Something sandy/muddy brown in colour perhaps.

I have just brushed Princess, Obi, Fido and Luis. Now there is more doggy hair outside the van and possibly less inside. I extracted quite a quantity of hair from Luis and Fido. I need to brush the others too.

I have put on a polo shirt as the temperature is only 27.5C and it’s blowing. The sun is behind the storeroom and the troops are becoming restless. It’s meat tonight as I’m sure they have it marked off in their little calendars.