Happy Assumption of BVM

The Holiday is nearly over. There are fewer cars in the car park where Dave, Obi and I have just walked although a small car packed to the brim appeared to have just arrived as we returned.

This morning it was still however the forecast was for strong winds today. There were fishermen out at the end of the Promontory so I kept all but Boris, Pea, Charlie and Fido on the lead. We wandered about for the prescribed time, sat on the rocks to watch the fishermen, played in the sand before returning to Grammeno. Two women who were in the throws of ‘visiting the bushes’ were quite surprised to see me wander past with nine dogs on leads. They had pitched a small tent in the beach car park and their little dog was missing their company. My lot eyed him up hungrily.

During the past few days it has been quite warm and I’ve been putting food down and taking it up again. Now I have started feeding them only in the evening although some still do not eat all I put down for them. Fine by me as the food is going much further.

  1. Entertainments today included taking down the awning due to the forecast high winds destined to gust to 87km/h (extremely windy)
  2. Going to the supermarket for the first time in three or so days
  3. Bathing Dave’s eye
  4. Finishing off the washing I started two days ago
  5. Putting away the above
  6. Chatting to Jo on the phone
  7. Resetting a user password
  8. Reading the newspaper
  9. Falling asleep under the carob tree
  10. Not forgetting all the usual, daily doggy things

I’m glad the forecast winds didn’t materialise or the tent-dwellers would have been seriously inconvenienced and the camping would have emptied

The washing was clean, just a little bored for being left so long in the bowl

Jo seemed in good spirits, despite her radiotherapy sessions which start auspiciously on 24 August. That date rings some bells…

The dogs have been a bit fidgety today especially Luis who was particularly annoying at times. Probably the lack of wind

My sail shade is ready to the shipped to me from UK and should hopefully arrive in a few days. Then I should be able to relax more about the wind.

It is getting stronger as I write so I’m going to go inside and get something to eat as it’s now 21:45




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