So many FreeLoaders!

I discovered why Pea was a little noisy during the night when I nearly watered the couple who had set up their air beds against the wooden fence on the other side of Boris’ compound. I suppose it must be sheltered there. It looks as though they are staying another night as their stuff is still there. Better there than on the Promontory too! Around half-a-dozen cars in the Grammeno Beach car park again with a couple and their dog crashed out on the track down to the end of the Promontory. Naturally Princess couldn’t resist a little bark or two so they were woken up as we passed. Possibly a little surprising for them to encounter a man with nine dogs at 05:45. We came back via the main beach were we spied yet more giant maggots in the shelter of the trees.

The walk was particularly unsatisfactory since only Boris came off the lead and the other contented themselves by getting tangled up at any opportunity. Struggling over the rocks with four dogs on a lead is hard enough: with eight it’s somewhat more of a challenge.

My southerly neighbours appear to be Italian as I have overheard their conversations. They have gone off somewhere now so I have taken the opportunity to have a shower.

There have been more arrivals as the sounds of hammer on peg echoed around the camping earlier. I feel certain that this year has been the busiest I have seen the camping in August. Georgia should be feeling pleased that the investments she has made are paying off. Economically I think some Greeks are also slightly better off than the past couple of years. Judging by the numbers sleeping on the beach there are others who cannot or will not afford the camping.

All too much for Minnie

Minnie has been a bit of a tart today and has been getting Boris all hot and bothered. When Boris starts to show any interest in Minnie, the Brown Dogs get all defensive so I have to intervene to prevent war breaking out.

It has not been that hot today with a high of 33.3C but the wind has been quite gusty at times. According to this morning’s forecast we were to expect stronger winds tonight however that has now been revised down to more sensible winds. I may take the opportunity to put up the awning or maybe in the morning.

Whilst my dogs are being quiet and well-behaved, Georgia’s seem to be greeting the visitors and their pets with enthusiam. I was actually able to escape for a while last night and go for a chat with my German friends. Dave, Obi and I had already dealt with the watering so were ambling up the camping when hailed to come for a chat. Steffie, Sascha and Marie have gone off to Matala for three days, leaving the son, whose name I cannot recall, at their caravan. He is delighted to be left alone for a few days as any nineteen-year-old would. He tells me he only came out here on holiday with his family under pressure from his parents. He would have preferred to remain in Berlin with all his friends. As he said, if he wants to meet foreigners, all he has to do is go to Berlin and most of the world will come to him. He mentioned that most young British lads seemed to make it their duty to get drunk and pick fights with the locals or anyone else for that matter. Not a particularly good advertisement for British youth so it seems.



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