Up and down

Awoken at 01:00 or thereabout due to Italian southerly neighbours returning with nighttime deafness. Seems they are incapable of communicating quietly. They then proceeded to wander around transporting various possessions to other parts of the camping. Why they couldn’t get themselves organised earlier I have no idea. The dogs barked and woke up half the camping I should imagine. Then they did a repeat performance at 02:00. I was sorely tempted to give them a good watering when I was doing the plants and dogs at 07:30. They were up fairly early anyway.

Our walk was much better than yesterday as I was able to let most of the dogs go. Other than the usual four: Obi, Princess, Minnie and Luis who, for various reasons, are unsuitable to be released when there are people around sleeping on the beach. There were fewer cars in the beach car park today. Hopefully, after this coming weekend, we should see the FreeLoaders mostly disappear from the beaches followed by a gradual exodus from the camping. Yippee!

I have purchased a cunning device from China, naturally, which I will be able to plug into my metal detector to enable me to use wireless headphones. I was not able to do much detecting last year due to my incapacitated state. Also, most of the beaches were washed away by the early storm at the end of October. Corded headphones are such a pain when you want to bend down to pick up stuff as the wire gets tangled in everything. With the number of punters on the camping this summer, I hope there will be some rich pickings in the camping and on the beach. The bar is a bit of a disappointments now that there is a floor. People can more easily find any money they drop. Other than money and, of course rubbish, I’ve not found much else. The money is fine though and the supermarket always works out where it has come from!

I put the awning up yesterday evening as the forecast was reasonable for today. There is still quite a lot of wind but that should pass in the night and we might have a few calmer days. I received a mail with a link to confirm that my sail shade was despatched today. I am told it is in the export hub. I also bought some new bearings for my anemometer. The anemometer is still working but I know that it will not last long now that the bearings have been oiled as all the crud will bung it all up and make it eventually stop. Due to the rigorous conditions here: wind, salt, sand, dust etc, I have ordered bearings from a specialist company in USA. I tried to get some from a guy in UK but he has not replied to my latest message so can go fish! I got two sets as I’ll probably replace the bearings every three years as a matter of course.

Other excitements for today include flea treatment for the dogs. I’m fed up with the Brown Dogs scratching all the time and their rotten fleas attacking me in the evenings! I have done most of the dogs however some are keen to make themselves scarce when they see me wandering about with a syringe of product. Not that it hurts them as it’s a topical treatment. I just have it in a syringe to get it out of the plastic container it comes in and to know the dose as the syringe is graduated.

Considering the forecast didn’t say it would be very windy this evening, it seems to be quite windy. Obviously the weather takes no notice of the forecast.

Oskar is currently investigating the very grotty CJ at Skippers blanket which is in the queue for washing. I usually wash in stages: the less dirty things first, then the horrible things when the water is already grotty. In fact, the blanket has only been used by Fido in his nighttime dashboard boudoir and has been shoved out of the way since May as it was far too hot for needing a blanket. I did some defensive cleaning in that area recently and rediscovered the blanket. All the other blankets were washed and put away until winter.

The number of dogs marching up and down bearing food bowls leads me to feel they might be hinting…


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