Dark this morning

Only the bedraggled remains of a moon hung in the sky as we walked along the Promontory. There was just enough light to see, however I’m going to need my torch tomorrow and Boris one of his flashing balls. I didn’t see any cars in the car park as we went out, only one on the way back. There were a couple of bods sleeping on the beach on loungers but no one on the Promontory as far as I could see.

I think we are getting quicker at marshalling in the mornings as we were at the end of the Promontory well before 06:00. With little moon left, there was only the light from the sun as it started to make its presence felt, just the first beginnings of a glow in the sky. There were very few clouds and the light was reflected back to the ground.

Another day without going to the supermarket: I’ve run out of lots of food but still have a good supply of those toast biscuits which are really quite filling, especially with crunchy peanut butter all the way from Poland. Part of Janne’s daughter’s remainders. It’s also been quite hot so not a very hungry day all round. Ursula brought me quinoa when she came for the dogs so I’m having an experimental session with that this evening. I didn’t really fancy pasta and interesting sauce as then I’m going to have to eat the rest tomorrow or the day after. One good thing about Dennis was that he made some interesting meals even though he did try to sneak dead things in without me noticing. I wonder how he’s getting on. He’s unlikely to contact me as he knows I was instrumental in having him removed from the camping. It was all going to end in tears anyway.

I did some server maintenance and listened to music as well as a little light washing. All dry and put away now as it was hot and sunny.

Today’s top temperature was 35.9C but that was only for a brief couple of hours. Mostly it’s been around 31C so quite bearable. The wind got up a little this evening but nothing like the past few days.

Janne called me from Stockholm to ask how things were going and to see that his little girlfriend, Minnie was ok. I was speaking with him when I heard a voice at the gate. The German couple, who first came in 2015, and stayed in the area north of me, are back again. They were here last year too. They were unable to occupy their normal pitch since the site is so full. We had a chat and I let all the dogs out into the main compound. Only Oskar was a scaredy-dog and refused to come near until quite a time had elapsed. They are only staying until Tuesday as they want to travel on further east before they go home. They are in the teaching business.

My Italian neighbours were quieter last night so there was no barking from the dogs. They are still here this evening so I’m sure will be back later.

There are still three other tents in the area around Janne and Erica’s van although  well away from it and not causing any problem.

My quinoa is cooking away but I don’t think I’ve left it long enough. I thought I had a tin of tomatoes I could chuck in but they turned out to be purée. So, never mind, we will work something out. It’s too warm for eating lots of food.

I hope the day at St Pancras Station Hotel worked out as expected.



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