Pea is making the most of it

I feed Pea in a cage as he was being put under pressure by the others to desert his food. This was more of a problem when he was smaller and newer. Now he is larger although smaller than many of the other dogs. They used to circle around him like hungry vultures until finally he’d desert the remainder of his meal. Now I put his food bowl into a cage and close the door without fastening it. This means that Pea can get out, however none of the others can get in. Without his consent that is. In the beginning, Pea would wait patiently until I would let him out not realising that by simply pushing the door he would be able to leave whenever he wished. He has got the hang of it now, so will gently push open the door once he is sure that he has eaten as much as he wishes. This evening they had a few chunks of tinned meat so their meal becomes a great deal more interesting increasing the pressure on Pea to surrender his food. But now that he is inside, he may eat at his leisure without interference by the others. In fact he uses the position to his advantage by leaving a little food in the bown and then starting to leave the cage. He pushes open the door giving those, usually Minnie and Oskar, the impression that he has finished. Once he is half-way out of the door, he turns round, the door closes, and he continues to pick delicately at the contents of his bowl. Naturally this winds the others up so now Pea is getting his own back for all those times when he was pushed off his food.

It was dark this morning as there was hardly any moon to be seen at all. It had not long risen as we were walking down the Promontory. Only one vehicle was to be seen in the car park so I let the others off quite early. The detainees however were not let go. Boris was having some difficulty relocating his ball and in fact deserted it at one point. I had a feeling he might do this so had made a note of its position. Asking Boris to relocate his ball is a bit of a lost cause, particularly this morning, as I could see he was in one of those ‘wander around aimlessly’ moods.

Later we moved to the rocky part of the lagoon which is usually flooded in winter. Here the ball will roll and bounce more easily but without ending up in the sea. Perhaps in the lagoon but it’s not very deep at this time of year. Charlie and Oskar decided to play pranks on Boris by whipping his ball then running off passing it back and forth between each other. Boris continued to try, unsuccessfully, to relocate said ball aimlessly wandering in the area where he thought it might be. Finally, I managed to get hold of it so normal service was soon resumed.

We were back around 07:30 so some customers were starting to stir. Dave’s fan, who is in a tent nearby, was over to see him and to pet him. She has a special thing for Dave. She doesn’t realise that I can watch the recording from the CCTV which covers the area outside the gate and the two entrances to the storeroom and workshop.

The top temperature was 33.7C and it’s still 30C as I write this at 20:00. There has been little wind and it has been a two shower day. I still have not been to the supermarket but will definitly go tomorrow as there are so many things I’m running out of. Tonight will be more quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) so I understand. I shall soon be a masterchef in quinoa preparation. It is nice to eat and brimming with so many healthy things, it’s almost unbelieveable!


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