Xanthipos tried to tell me last night that it was going to rain today. He got out his phone to show me the weather forecast to prove his point. I was surprised that, the man with the weather station, did not know that it was going to be raining in the afternoon. I usually check the Weather Underground forecast in the morning so see there are no surprises and then the wind on WindFinder. We exchanged reminiscences regarding the Great Downpour of August 14 2015 when 42mm rain fell in an hour or so. He then disappeared to walk Georgia’s dogs or something. Naturally I checked the forecast later but there was no indication of rain for the following afternoon. There have been some clouds though but I’m not sure that counts as rain anywhere.

I went with Marie on the evening Dave walk around the camping as she turned up as I was giving him his medication. We chatted to Steffie, her mother and also to Benjamin, her brother. I was invited to join them for a meal at Tamenia restaurant which is an interesting place up in the mountains. All very simple, traditional food with no frills. It would have been nice to have accepted but with so many people in the camping, I didn’t want to upset things by disappearing for a couple of hours. Later, in September or October not a problem. But now the camping is still surprisingly busy, especially in my back yard.

Some English arrivals were pitching when I came outside at bed time to let Pea and Fido out for their evening widdle. Fido still cannot always manage to survive the night and you get a piddle-puddle if the signs are ignored. Pea probably doesn’t need to be let out even as he must be eight or nine months by now.  I think the English people may have a dog as I didn’t remember hearing that bark before. Fancy travelling on a camping holiday with a dog!

Ursual and Tony have made it as far as Chambery although Lyons was quite a trial due to closures are roadworks. She and Heidi have gone for a relaxing walk by the lake. They will also have the opportunity to look at the aeroplanes as the airport is close by. Tomorrow is their longest drive into Italy so they will be leaving earlier in the morning.

My Bougainvillea cuttings do not appear to have grown much since yesterday however they are still alive which is a bit of a bonus. One cutting is under the upturned bowl from the broken water filter and the other under a transparent pot on top of the flower pot. There are two more cuttings without anything covering them. They may dry out quickly if I don’t keep a close eye on them.

Janne called to talk to me about the link I sent him about Bougainvillea. He now plans to maybe plant another vine on one of the other legs of his caravan shelter. He agreed that they do not need to be so aggressively watered and will flower more if stressed. Otherwise you just get loads of leaves and no flowers. I advised him of the possible need to replace his laptop which is painfully slow and he uses for his business. I suggested that UK might offer him better value since the GBP is so weak and weakening. He goes often to London to see his daughter.

I’ve been fiddling with my Adoption website and have now added a contact form which I would be pleased for you to try out here. Just click the link, fill in your details, and tick the I am not a robot box before pressing send. It should tell you it has sent your message successfully.

I have also edited the adoption Q&A page which you can view here. I intend to move on with this site and even perhaps get some visitors! Also even rehoming some dogs!




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  1. Don’t forget I am happy to provide our experience so far as an example. You could try Reni too… and how about your other adopters?

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