Ninety tomorrow!

Pretty busy doing not a lot really. Although I have updated the adoption site again but I seem to keep getting sidetracked. Most of the dogs have been out in the compound for some of the time today. There are children and other dogs nearby in the in the camping giving Oskar an excuse to practice his barking. As a consequence he has been tied to the awhing pole for a while this afternoon. He then has no excuse but to settle down and go to sleep. They have all finished their dinner which contained some meat this evening. Only a few little chunks but it makes it more interesting.

The bouganvilleas are alive but still don’t seem to have grown much in the past two days. Disappointing really. I understand that brown and shrivelled is not a good sign where cuttings are concerned. I need to go and dead-head Janne’s as I’m sure some of the flowers have finished.

One of the southern neighbours from Italy decided to sleep on Janne and Erica’s decking last night. He moved his inflatable mattress there around 23:00 last night but had scarpered before I’d had a chance to go round there. I sent photos to Janne and he phoned Maria. Mikhalis wandered around to inspect their belonging which adorn the carob tree by Janne’s trailer. There was no one there so he went off on some other very important business. I asked Janne if he’d like me to tie Boris up to one of the posts to discourage further traspassing but I think a whole Italian might be detrimental to Boris’ constitution.

Ursula, Tony and Heidi have made it as far as Italy and are staying close to Bologna. It has been a long day for Ursula as she has to do all the driving and it has been hot and not straightforward. You can view her blog posts here,

Yesterday evening I wandered up to see Sascha and family who had been out to Taminia for lunch. I noticed that Benjamin was occupying his preferred position in a hammock, fast asleep. Apparently he tucked into the wine with gusto before the food arrived and was feeling quite relaxed by the time the meal ended. He was asleep in the car withing seconds of getting in and Sascha though he might be spending all night in there. As it turned out, he managed to make it as far as the hammock where he had been snoring away ever since. We chatted away until Xanthipos clattered around by the Grammeno Ferarri setting the dogs barking. As it was evening, I decided that I’d better go back so as not to wake the neighbours’ children. All the children seemed to be wide awake and playing happily outside.


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