Happy Ninetieth Birthday!

The decking sleeper returned at 02:48 causing Charlie to bark and me to wake up. I was less than pleased. I was asleep by 22:30 so found it difficult to go back to sleep until 05:00 when it was almost getting up time.

Boris lost his ball as he wandered around in the darkness. There is no morning moon until 6 September by which time the moon will be full and setting at 06:49. For the following 10 days, we will have a useful, however, ever-decreasing moon. Without the moon, it is quite dark although there is sufficient light to make out where you’re going without using a torch. I have always preferred to try to see without a torch as, that way, you see more than just a pool of light in front of you. The sky does not start to turn pink until around 06:00 and you can see fairly well by 06:15. The dogs don’t care if it’s dark or not as they have other, more advanced, navigation sensors and their eyesight is far more sensitive than a human.

I’ve had a few little IT support jobs today, for EG and LBS. Nothing earth shattering by far. The excitement will begin once Mike Fuller returns from holiday and I start to install his new Inter Sport server with Windows Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2016. Golly, so much excitement! It can’t be much different from Server 2012R2 (hopefully) just a few more bells and whistles and Microsoft is bound to have moved everything around making it impossible to find things in their familiar places.

If I forgot to mention it is windy, that is an oversight. It has been windy on and off all day. The forecast threatens wind all night, tomorrow and the next day. Unfortunately, the delivery company appears not to know where my new sail shade has got to. Their website reported it to have arrived in Athens and still being in the Solent UK Depot on the same day, within one hour. I have been asking both the supplier, their transport broker and the delivery company the same questions. Still no answers.

I have taken down the awning as the forecast looks as though it means it. I have also received an update from the company which made the sail shade. They inform me that the entire transport bin, which contained my consignment amongst others, went missing whilst in the care of the airline. Apparently, no items from that bin ever arrived in Athens. They are going to wait to see if the bin turns up and if not, remake the order and ship it out again.

I wandered the camping earlier to see how many customers are still present. The area north of me seems to have thinned out a little since earlier as has the central part nearer to the beach. There are still several tents the length of the section adjoining the beach. I don’t know about motorhomes. The windy forecast might be the death knell for this season as anyone considering staying on extra days might wish to pack up to move elsewhere. Not all of Crete is windy at the same time.

The Italians who have been residing Al Fresco on the other side of my southern frontier have finally left after about a week. One of them was cheeky enough to put his mattress on Erica and Janne’s decking for a couple of nights. The other tent which has been quietly next to Janne and Erica’s caravan has also packed up and left. The two tents behind T2 disappeared a couple of days ago. Seems I’m slowly getting my camping back. About time too I say. Tourists come here for a holiday and expect to take the place over! Whatever next? (Honoured Septober guests excepted of course)



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