Guess what? It’s windy for a change!

Well, actually, at the moment it’s almost still. But it was windy when we went out this morning and for most of the day. I even put on a fleece for the morning walk! I needed it too. Not because it was cold but the wind was strong and made it feel cold. I even had the hood up! We sat on the rocks by the sea and listened to the wind and the waves. Not that they were crashing much as we were on the west side and the wind was mostly from the north.

Boris excelled himself. Having lost the non-flashing flashing ball I  gave him a tennis ball to play with. I threw it twice and then didn’t see it again until we returned once it was light. Then Oskar got it before him and passed it to Charlie. Oskar then took it into some very thick bushes but fortunately, Charlie brought it out again but then ran off when something exciting happened. Win some lose some.

There has been a general exodus of the camping during the day. The evening wander has shown that there are only two occupied tents north of me and maybe a couple on the other side of the track. The centre section near the beach looks empty but there are a few small tents along by the beach. How many belong to the camping is unknown. Predictable exodus.

There is some event going on at Amos Beach Bar which backs onto the Grammeno restaurant and bar. I saw vehicles arriving early this morning so suspect it will go on half the night. I feel sorry for those who have paid good money for the Cedar Bay Villas. It’s loud enough here and I’m further away.

I had a few texts from Jo, who started her Radiotherapy on Thursday. She told me that she had been reading through all my blog entries and how much she was enjoying reading it. I decided to add some more entries and started from September 2016 and continued until January 1, 2017. I got a bit carried away but had definitely had enough by the time I’d done four months. I have a process for doing it now, which makes it slightly easier. Whichever way, it’s a pretty slow process. I did not have time to read every entry but it was interesting to remind myself of all the people and events during that period.

Ursula, Tony and Heidi have arrived in Rafina where they will soon be enjoying a family get-together and meal. Apparently, Heidi is settling in well and her behaviour is exemplary. I do not know this dog. Certainly not the same as the one I had here!

I am cooking quinoa to extend my evening meal as I have not been to the supermarket since last Monday so, despite some extras, kindly donated, stores are getting very low. A visit to the supermarket is vital.

Going to eat now and perhaps indulge in a glass of wine.

Enjoy the posts from 2016…


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