So much quieter…

With fewer people on the camping it is much quieter now. That said, there are several parents with small children. Not that I’m worried now that the majority have left. The supermarket was pleased to see me today having not visited since last Monday. They probably thought I’d died! I brought back as much as I could, however have since discovered all the things I forgot. I’m not sure I can be bothered to go there tomorrow but maybe on Wednesday. It was a bit of a shock when I arrived at the till to find the bill was €33 but then I bought a large pot of Taxini, on its own is nearly €10 but is cheaper than buying smaller pots. I also visited the nut counter which is always expensive especially as the counter labelling is not necessarily accurate. The wrong nuts are restocked etc. Still, this is Greece!

Hell was not breaking loose when I got back to the camping despite stopping to chat to Antonis who was putting in a very large electricity pole at Houmas restaurant. He asked me when I wanted to go to Chania with Dave and Obi. We had a conversation about what he needed to buy there and what he had the money to buy. Seems there was a bit of discrepancy. He tells me he has some large projects coming up so he’s finishing off all the bits and pieces to clear the decks.

I put the awning up yet again. This time it can stay up! It’s been up and down like the proverbial for the past couple of weeks. It should be so much easier once Parcel Force manage to sort out my sail shade. That’s the theory anyway. Getting the awning up was easy enough but I have a feeling the gearing for the roller has expired. Need to look into that and see what can be done.

It has been warm: Maximum temperature 33.8C and it’s now just under 30C at 18:30. There have been sudden strong gusts of wind up to 57km/h (40 mph). Somewhat slightly more than a bit annoying. Another annoying thing is the gradual reappearance of flies during the past few days. It has been very pleasant not to have any flies at all. Now they are returning. Virtually no mosquitoes on the camping either. I get eaten in the mornings when down at the lagoon. But then I expect that.

I have moved another three months of emails to blog posts so I think you will find that 2017 is complete and September 2016 to December 2016 is mostly complete. It’s a long and tedious task. I’m in the middle of backing up the websites so as not to lose the lot!

Digging around in the cupboard I came upon the blood pressure monitor and remembered that I’d not taken my pressure in a while. I can confirm that is 111/61 so I think high blood pressure is not a worry for me.

Charlie has just come over to be fussed as he is the only dog, other than Obi, not in the SDC. Luis was also out earlier however he got all out-of-order when Mikhalis came down with Mickey, so had to be put back into the SDC to chill out.

Reading the Guardian earlier I noticed a chemical mist drifted inland at Birling Gap and over 100 people in that area required treatment. There does not appear to be any explanation for this phenomenon so I understand.


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