I cleaned!

Not that the urge took me but it was necessary. Minnie was one of the dogs I decided to let out of the SDC earlier and she has a bit of an incontinence problem. The moment she thinks she’s in trouble, she wees on the floor. I let her out of the compound without shutting the gate to the van. She went straight in, muddy feet and all. I followed her in, knowing of her propensity for widdling, I didn’t say anything. It must have been the way I looked at her or something, as she proceeded to give the floor a good sprinkle. It needed doing anyway so I just got on with it. The cleaning spree continued with the electric fan which I had on the decking during the hotter weather. It had, like everything else, gathered a good layer of dust, so I dismantled it and cleaned it all up. Now residing back in the cupboard, the loo, ready for its next use. I even changed the vacuum bag on the cleaner! I’ve only had it two years so it was probably due for a change.

I keep forgetting to mention that the Sea Daffodils started to come up last week. Each time I saw them reminded me to write about them and each time I forgot. Well, now I have remembered. Here is an interesting page about the Sea Daffodil (Pancratium Maritimum). 

According to the text you will see that these daffodils are protected and threatened due to tourism clearing the beaches. From what I can see on the Promontory, despite tourists, motorcycles and quad bikes, they continue to thrive. (thanks to west-crete.com for the image)

Continuing the botanical thread, the cuttings are still alive. There are four Bougainvillea cuttings altogether but I do not anticipate all will survive as a couple are a little on the short side. I gave them their daily watering and inspected them. They are still green, upright and not too flaccid, so things seem fairly normal. The two I put in cut-down plastic bottles seem to be doing surprisingly well.

Oskar was barking loudly earlier as there was some disturbance on the other side of the southern fence. I’d told him off previously for barking so went from my chair towards the gate to the SDC. Oskar bolted for his house and hid inside. I gave him a drink before closing the door. He was in there an hour or two to cool off. Widdly Minnie was swapped for Oskar later and Charlie has been out all the time. Oskar really is a character and loves coming beside me to paw my arm for attention. He has no concept of what it feels like to me as dogs have much thicker skin than humans. I have to keep shoving him off when he gets too demanding. He gets the message. Fido and Luis are lying under my chair. Without looking I can tell that, due to Luis’ snoring!

Unless it’s my imagination, there appears to have been an influx of campers. There is quite a bit of activity in the camping and I have heard the familiar banging-in of tent pegs. When I mentioned to Maria that I felt the camping had been much busier this year, she seemed not to think it was any different from previous years. With Maria’s filing system I’m not sure that statistics are readily available. As I have mentioned previously if it were me, I would have everything computerised and be able to know from day-to-day if there were more or fewer customers, their demographics and the colour of their car. As a mathematician, I would have expected her to produce all manner of statistics. But then again, knowing the tendency to try to hide information from the authorities, the paper-based system is probably less transparent.

I can see that Princess and Pea are enjoying a bit of rough-and-tumble. Fido has just returned to his position under my chair, having departed, together with Luis, to bark at someone near to the gate. Luis is now confined to the large crate. Charlie and Oskar are playing with Obi, and Princess is trying to tell me it’s teatime.

I’ve picked up all of the shredded paper distributed around the compound. I feel certain I put that paper in my rubbish bag earlier but magically, it has found its way out again. Mikhalis is talking to Dave.

I’d better go and feed them I suppose…



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