It was dark

I was awake at 05:00 or not, as the case may be. My clock has a bit of a problem at the moment as one of the segments in the display is not working. The failed segment is the top vertical on the left side of the second digit which means that 05:00 can look a little like 03:00. But it wasn’t as I got up only thirty minutes later. Boris was already fidgeting so I had to tell him to quieten down a couple of times. I suspect it was the wind. Not Boris’ wind but the general weather-kind of wind of which there was a reasonable amount. I needed my torch at least until we got out of the Private Entrance and across the first part of the field. There are street lights until the car park and the remainder of the route I know well enough to be able to navigate in low light. The sky was dark with only some clouds and stars. The moon will not bother to hang around in the mornings until the beginning of September as I’m sure I mentioned. Boris’ flashing ball (new) isn’t and the previous, non-flashing ball is lost somewhere. Like all balls on that walk, it will undoubtedly reappear when the lagoon fills up for the first time in the autumn. On the subject of which, it seems like autumn today. It has been mostly cloudy for the best part of the day hence patchy sunshine accompanied by periodic wind gusting to 48km/h (30mph).

Walking over the rocks, I thought I saw lightning in the sky and stood a while to see another flash but none came. I moved on and we all sat on the rocks looking west for lightning. Still, none came. When I looked on Blitzortung later, there was indeed a storm over the western part of the mainland. Far enough away not to affect Crete, that storm has now wandered off west-northwest and is mostly over the sea. There are odd bits over Turkey but none heading this way at present.

On the Dave walk last night, We visited the office to see if Manos was still there. As it turns out, it was his last evening and he was the relief for Maria and would, himself, be relieved by Georgia at ’22:00′. We chatted about his trip to Edinburgh and his course at the university. He tells me he will be studying Theoretical Physics for five years which should land him a Masters. We talked about bank accounts and money and I tried to give him some helpful information and UK survival tips. It was at around 22:40 that he announced the fact that Georgia said she would be there are 22:00. I suggested that Georgia is often in a different time zone and that he should shut up shop and go home.

Georgia sent me a picture of the docket from ELTA which says my sail shade has made it to the Paleochora post office. I asked Antonis if he would be kind enough to collect it for me. I can put it up temporarily using cable ties as the bungee balls I ordered from China have not appeared yet. It will be good to have it operational.

It has not been cold today despite the wind which has justed gusted to 52km/h but it’s from the north so not as bad as from the east. The top temperature is 34.3C but I chickened out due to the wind and had a shower in the main bathroom. I may even have to put on a polo shirt as it is quite chilly (26.7C).

The dogs are now fed, and the sun is no longer in my eyes as it is below the roof of the storeroom. There are still enough customers on the camping, even to the north of me. None up really close though. It must be tedious having the wind buffeting the tent all night.

Soon I shall begin the going to bed process and will hopefully be back in the van before 22:45 this evening. No visits to the office or hanging around with the punters.




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