The sail shade is up!

The night was long and windy so it was a good thing that I was able to be in my bed at a more reasonable time. The maximum gust was 68km/h at 02:25 but this was accompanied by plenty of other gusts and much creaking and flapping from the awning and sun blockers. I kept looking out to see what had broken away but, as it turned out, everything was holding on. I woke around 03:00, due to the noise, and didn’t get a lot of sleep from then onwards. I finally got up at the usual time. It was very windy for the walk although it quietened down as time went on. I was wearing a fleece again as it was too chilly to be swanning about in a polo shirt only. The walk was mostly uneventful and they played in the sand and ran around like nutters.

Antonis appeared with a sail shade and a pack of stainless steel ties. The plan was to use the ties to attach the shade to the frame. As it turned out, I didn’t use any just the remainder of the bungee balls I ordered previously. I repurposed the washing line to lace the lower part of the sail to the frame. I have another 100 bungee balls on order from China so will be doing a little trial and error to see how well it all comes together when it is next windy.

The plan is that the shade will be in position when it is windy and very sunny but can be easily lowered during the winter to take advantage of the sun. The bungee balls are quick to undo as they are simply a plastic ball with a loop of elastic through the centre. The bottom of the shade will be securely laced to the frame and the material is designed to withstand weather all year round and is guaranteed for ten years.

I can feel the difference as I reckon the shade blocks out around 90% of the wind. The easterly wind is the real problem since it comes straight off the sea with hardly anything in the way to stop it. The shade has little effect on the south sun blocker as this is further outside the line of the frame. I might decide to attach the south sun blocker in a vertical position when it’s windy.

The sail shade take from the SDC
The sail shade from the decking looking east

There is quite a bit of growling between Minnie and Charlie, as Minnie has possession of the rawhide bone I gave to Oskar earlier. Strangely Oskar is not part of this duet as he probably abandoned it at some point.

Ursula and Heidi went out to the beach again this morning so that Heidi could enjoy herself without traffic, people or other dogs to get in the way. There are some lovely trees there too. You can read Ursula’s account here.

Once the wind died down, the day warmed up to a reasonable 30.2C. Not hot by current standards but the wind is from the north and decidedly cool. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little warmer and less windy.

Even at this late hour, there are still a number of dogs in the main compound. Oskar, Fido and Obi have just been to say hello and Minnie and Charlie are still discussing the merits of sharing the remnants of the rawhide bone assuming Minnie has not already finished it off.

In a few moments, I will jump into action and put the ‘going to bed’ process into motion. It is not particularly warm so I doubt I’ll get much resistance from the troops.

It was lovely to actually be inside before it got dark yesterday. I even closed one of the windows!



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