He stands back in amazement

Καλό μήνα – welcome to September!

Following the excitement of the arrival of the sail shade and its installation, I had further excitement when I discovered an email waiting for me from Maria. I had already passed by reception during the Dave/Obi walk but no one was there. The email informed me that there was a new router waiting for installation at the reception. I grabbed my phone, glasses and light and went up there. On the desk was a box from OTE (Greek phone company) containing a brand new router. I had mentioned to Maria that the existing router was failing and that it might be a good idea to get hold of a new one before it finally conked out. And she did!

I spent the next few minutes installing the router before disappearing back to the van for some food. Since I’ve been in charge of the router, I’ve made a number of configuration changes, so needed to give access to people who need to view the weather camera as well as to Janne and Erica to theirs.

Later, I decided to watch an episode of Morse to discover that the victim was a Greek. The dialogue contained conversations in Greek and I am pleased to report that the conversations were authentic. As far as my knowledge of Greek allows. I found myself falling asleep, so didn’t get to the end of that episode. I will view the remainder later.

The night was calm and there was little wind this morning however it was rather dark. I can see that the moon is trying its best; it is getting bigger, just going to bed in the early hours of the morning before the walk even starts. Given a few days, I’m sure it will see the error of its ways and stay up a little later. From what I could make out, as we wandered by in the gloom, there were no cars or FreeLoaders on the Promontory so I decided to let Princess go once we were down to the end. She had a bit of a barking session but that was all.

I have been fiddling with the new router settings as well as trying out some of the facilities on my WiFi access point in anticipation of the new Grammeno WiFi deployment. These access points can be configured to allow customers to join without the use of a password. This is a real bonus as the present password is 1234432112341. I have been dying to get rid of this ever since I have been here. How many times do I have to tell it to customers? An open network has not security for data transmissions but the customers are unlikely to be doing anything other than browsing the Internet. If they are accessing their bank account this will have its own security already. Another great advantage of the guest network is that guests can be forced to agree that they will do nothing naughty whilst connected and naturally it is possible to control how much data each customer can consume. You only need a couple of people who decide to watch TV online or update their phone or computer, and the entire Grammeno network will grind to a halt! Of course, the rest of us will be able to access at full speed, not that that is saying much anyway!

Ursula, Tony and Heidi have decided that they will catch the ferry from Piraeus slightly earlier than planned. Ursula has had enough of the large box of floor tiles in the back of her car and wishes to deliver them to me. She also wishes to get settled in somewhere to provide some stability for Heidi and Tony. Staying with the in-laws, Heidi is not allowed in the house, so must reside in her crate in the garden. Not too much of a hardship in summer but she has not been with them for long so she really needs some kind of consistency. In the past couple of weeks she has been on two car ferries, stayed in the house in France for a few days and a number of hotels. At least once they arrive they can establish a routine and not have to live from a suitcase anymore.



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