Machines working

There have been machines working on-and-off all day. The first I heard to the west of the camping now I can hear another working what appears to be the south. Maybe I’ll get up onto the van roof and take a snoop around to see what I can see.

I was planning to go to the supermarket this morning as I was going to make something interesting with the Black-eyed beans I bought previously. Eating different kinds of beans is part of a substitute for not eating loads of bread. I was getting a 500g loaf each day, eating half in the morning and most of the remainder in the evening. The bread in the morning made me feel a bit bloated so I thought I’d make a change and try rusks. These are nothing like as bulky as bread and can be eaten with a number of different toppings: honey, peanut butter, ταχινι (Tahini – ground sesame seeds in oil), crushed banana, tomato or sliced cucumber for example. No, silly, not all at once!

Click on the ‘play’ triangle in the promotional video below.

This is a link to the product website

The nearest I could find at Waitrose is this

Another added advantage is that I do not need to trek to the supermarket each morning just for a loaf of bread. Particularly advantageous in the winter when it’s wet or raining. Nothing like cycling along a flooded road on a bicycle being passed by cars and truck spraying you with water.

Here is a picture of some of the actual rusks on a plate

Elite rusks
The five-grain bread from Germany. The slices don’t look all that big but they soon fill you up. The topping is not very vegan though

Another weekend brings some people to the camping, however, I expect most will leave tomorrow. There is more activity than there has been for the past few day. It is also very calm with a high of 32.1C. Not exactly hot but pleasantly warm. The sounds of excited children are drifting up from the beach. I wonder how much longer the restaurant will continue to function?

Heidi will be bringing Ursula and Tony to Grammeno on Tuesday morning. Maria has juggled the bookings on Σ2.

What do all of the following have in common? They all look pretty yummy, right?

Click on any image to make it bigger. Move through the images using the arrows left and right

The answer is that they are all vegan. No meat or animal products have been used to make them. It just goes to show that a diet change which relies only on plant-based foods need not just revolve around salads, lentils and beans.

[Images borrowed from the Guardian. You can read the full article here]


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