Chomp, chomp, chomp!

The mutts are stuffing down their Sunday evening meal which involves MEAT. Fido and Obi have already finished as they are the first to be fed. They are standing next to the table where I prepare their bowls. Boris is next and then the others. I usually give Princess hers as she takes forever-and-a-day to eat it. The others are occupied by their own food, so pester her less. Pea is locked in with his and Luis likewise: Pea to stop him being pestered and Luis to stop him pestering!

35.2C is today’s maximum and it was quite still until the afternoon when a bit of a breeze started up from the south and west. There have been gusts to 39km/h or Beaufort six if you prefer.

There was some activity this morning on the walk. Some people were getting into or out of a car in the Grammeno Beach car park. They were doubtless surprised to see some strange guy with a load of dogs approaching at around 05:45. We are not going to the west side of the Promontory at present, especially during the weekends, as there is often someone on the beach or in a tent thereabouts. Once next weekend is over, all the Greek children are back at school, and only foreigners in their vans will be in the car park. I remember, last year, there were five or six motor homes there on one occasion.

The dogs have spent most of the day snoozing in the shade. I did a little snoozing too as it was warm and my chair is comfortable. I spent more time transferring emails from August 2015 to October 2015 to blog posts. I discovered that there are often missing bits and so it is necessary to go through my sent items as well as the CJ in Crete folder. Neither folder appears to contain every email. Something to do with the way the replies work I think. I should have posted each day to a new email.

Obi is having a marvellous time with the east sun blocker which is folded up on the deck. I took it down when I put up the sail shade and I think I will probably not need it there now. The fabric is quite coarse so he enjoys rolling on it. Like the others, he’s had his food so ready for a good snooze following his little wander around the camping later.

It will be nicer once we are able to do the evening walks again. It’s sometimes a bit of a chore if it’s raining or cold but it gets everyone out for an hour for a bit of exercise which must be a good thing. Back from the walk, eat their supper, then off to bed like good little doggies.

Heidi will be bringing Tony and Ursula to Grammeno on Tuesday morning. They will be staying in Σ2, one of the small cabins, the one they stayed in when they were here in May. It’s handy for the loos and showers, has convenient parking and quite near to me. With two of us on the walks, life will be much easier and more interesting too. Certainly, the early morning skies are to live for! Hopefully, the weather in September and October will be similar to last year when it rained only at the end of October and once in September. It will be less important this year as they can retreat into their cabin if it rains or is cooler.


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