Monday again!

Don’t the weeks just fly past? The holiday weekend is over and many people left yesterday including some of my neighbours, taking their children with them. I received a reply from Janne yesterday asking if there were many people on the other side of the fence. I gave him an overview of the situation with the proviso that he didn’t drop me in it with Georgia but to say that he could see what was going on via his cameras. He and I both know that he doesn’t have any, however, Georgia doesn’t, which gets me nicely off the hook. There are some people still there, happily using the decking and the area all around their van: at least it is quieter than when they were all there. I hardly heard a sound last night.

Maria and Vagelis who have been letting me practice my Greek on them will be leaving tomorrow. Their friends, who were here for the holiday, left yesterday. They are off enjoying a final day on the beach. However, I have some new, German neighbours who even asked if it was ok for them to camp nearby. I pointed out that, having four dogs, I couldn’t guarantee there would be no barking but that it would be minimised where possible. The woman speaks very good English so I gave them a load of helpful local information to set them on their way. I understand that the mini market in the camping is closed as Maria hasn’t had the time to stock the shelves. I used to go there for bread last year but now I prefer to go to the supermarket every day where I can get brown bread at only €0.90. I also prefer to get my other shopping as I need it rather than go shopping once every week. Anyway, it’s good exercise to ride there and back every day.
I moved Boris to a shady place between the van and the fence before the weekend as I reckoned it would be quieter there during the busy holiday period. As it turned out, the mob next door were quite noisy however Boris didn’t seem to care especially after they pushed some food under the fence for him. He didn’t even bark when there were fireworks on Friday night in Paleochora to celebrate the holiday.  I’ll leave him there for now as it’s cooler than under the trees and he’s not distracted by people coming and going.


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