Where is the moon?

No one on the Promontory early thing morning. The only sign of life being a ship out to sea all lit up. Probably a cruise ship as they feel it necessary to look like Time Square for some reason. They must devote lots of their power to pretending to be a Christmas Tree. Boris was very active today, rushing back and forth with his ball. Fido, Pea, Oskar and Charlie had great fun chasing each other around the rocks, splashing about in the water and digging or rolling in the sand. Pea turned from a white dog to a brown dog and has spent much of the day slumped in a heap snoozing. It’s quite dark on the outbound trip but I can see enough without a torch. I know the route fairly well so avoid the rocks and the dips. I don’t bother to go much further from the end of the Promontory until it starts to get light around 06:20 depending on the cloud. Tomorrow morning we will see the moon just as it sets at 05:49, if we’re quick, but Wednesday is Full Moon with a setting time an hour later. Just right for Ursula’s first morning walk although Thursday morning will be better as the moon will be higher.  The moon sets about one hour later each day.

Tony, Ursula and Heidi should be on their way to Piraeus to catch the ferry which leaves around 22:00. They have a dog-friendly cabin which Heidi will share with them I’m sure. The ferry gets into Souda about the time I go out for the morning walk. If they get bored during the night, at least they have the moon to look at. If everything goes according to plan, their cabin, Σ2 will be ready and waiting for their arrival.

Despite the forecast warning of a cooler day, the top temperature is 35.6C and it is only now just below the 30C mark. There has been some wind today from the west and the south. The strongest gust was 41km/h.

This morning I was sitting in my chair on the decking when I heard a sharp crack from I knew not where. Only later, when I went into the van, did I discover the bottle of olive oil I carefully filled and cleaned for Tony and Ursula, had cracked down one side. Olive oil has gone everywhere but mostly into the gas hob below. I spent an enjoyable time disposing of the bottle and clearing up the mess. Sorry, Ursula!

Honest gov, it just broke!

The Postal Lady (AKA Maria) arrived bearing one large and two small packets from China. One small packet contained a small purse. I lost mine when I lost my debit card so since then have been transporting change and notes in a repurposed yeast tin. Or notes in a clothes peg clipped to my shorts. My light summer shorts have no pockets. The other small bag contained some puncture repair patches for bicycle tubes. The largest contained more urgent items including new guy ropes for the southern sun blocker and bungee balls to hold the sail shade onto its supporting structure. The sail shade is now supported its entire perimeter.

My little cuttings appear to be still alive although some are looking healthier than others.


Mikhalis is just going home as his truck is parked right outside my gate. I’m sure he forgets his every movement is recorded by my CCTV camera. His arrival around 10:20 and his departure at 19:30 both recorded. His brother, Xanthipos, is still working. He arrives earlier and leaves later but goes home in the middle of the day. Must remember to buy him flea treatment when I go to the vet soon. Not for Xanthipos, but his dog!


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  1. Spectacular crack in bottle! Sorry about the mess!

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