More moon today!

Moon set was after it got light so the moon was still high enough in the sky to provide useful light. It was Heidi and Ursula’s first-morning walk so we needed to reintroduce the dogs. Oskar had spent some time with Heidi shortly after she arrived and her presence was detected on my person as soon as I walked through the SDC as I went for a shower. Lots of sniffing and wagging.

The plan was for Ursula and Heidi to be waiting for us as we moved towards the Promontory. For us to keep going until let-off point and then let them all run together. We had a first encounter slightly earlier than intended but continued on nevertheless. It was as if she had not been away so she was almost immediately reintegrated into the pack and had a good time with all of the others.

Boris has again been out for the count after a heavy illuminated ball session. This time with Heidi to add to his ball interceptors. He managed to stagger up to eat his supper this evening despite his fatigue.

Ursula made a very tasty fruit salad this morning which we ate with soaked chia seeds. Chia seeds, when soaked, remind one a bit of tapioca or frog spawn. If you can get over that, they are very nice when eaten with fruit salad. And so healthy, as they contain loads of very useful nutrients. I’m uncertain that Ursula was entirely convinced.

At lunchtime, we went into Paleochora to The Third Eye restaurant where we had a very enjoyable lunch. A salad to start followed by a biryani curry for me with some fruit for desert. The restaurant proclaims itself as a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options, however, today’s menu contained a predominance of vegan choices including vegan chocolate mousse. Unfortunately, it had all run-out and in the process of being made.

Heidi lay silently under the table as yesterday and it would have been easy just to have got up and walked away forgetting she was there. She would probably have reminded us though.

Back to Grammeno to find the dogs silent… except for some inevitable noise from Luis and a few squeaks from Pea. They remained silent for the remainder of the afternoon whilst I rested my eyelids.

Heidi and Ursula came for tea and a chat so I let Oskar and Fido out of the SDC to join in. There was some small excitement as Heidi came into the main compound but that quickly subsided.

Opposite Ursula and Tony’s cabin is an area where a couple of Greek families are camping. I think you need to read Ursula’s account to obtain the full flavour of their activities. The next blog also contains reference to her neighbours.

The dogs have enjoyed their Wednesday meat which I spiked with worming tablets as some of them were getting the itchy-bottom syndrome which is a sign to take action. Soon I shall begin the evening bedtime procedure as the evening is definitely upon us as the sky darkens to the east.


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