Vet visit

There were a few communication problems but finally, we managed to get to organise a vet visit for Dave and Obi. Ursula and I were back from the walk soon after 07:15 despite having lost Princess somewhere along the route. Fortunately, Ursula went back and brought her into the SDC.

The vet was happy to see us after such a long time, took blood from Dave and did his tests. His renal function is good and we are to continue as we were but increasing the dose of Lasix. Obi was there for his ear which turned out to be matted fur. Antonis picked us up and we went back to Grammeno via a different route towards Kissamos. It was very picturesque and included a tunnel.

The vet visit was long because there were three patients ahead of us including two operations. One of the vets gave Dave a dose of Lasix to reduce the fluid in his lungs. This meant going outside to stand by the conveniently-placed planters by the kerb. The planters and kerb were well watered but Obi used the time to relax in the sun. Once we got to see the vet, I reminded him that it was one year since Dave first saw him for the heart problem. The vet replied that he didn’t expect to see Dave still going one year on. He took blood, ran a full blood panel and gave me the results. His comment was that for a dog of Dave’s age with the medical problems he has, he’s doing pretty well. The vet took a look at Obi’s ear and pronounced it heavily matted fur. I held Obi whilst the vet carefully cut the fur from behind Obi’s ear.

We were charged only for the cost of the blood panel: the medications I bought, including 14kg of food for Dave, were also very good prices.

Dave and Obi waiting outside the vets

Antonis had been visiting a new shop he found which resells items repossessed or returned from credit defaulters. He’s acquired a sheet metal cutter for about a quarter the price of the new item. There were also the stands used to hold the sheets in position whilst they are cut. It sounds like a great place to visit as there are all sorts of items at very good prices. Plenty of opportunity for repossessions in Greece despite media utterances of economic improvement and employment progress. Antonis told me that Crete is not touched in the way the remainder of Greece is. That it is unrepresentative of the real economic situation. Businesses in Athens and other large cities are still closing down so the talked-of recovery appears to be fantasy.

Recovery is going to be a long and slow process for the next generation of Greeks. Meanwhile, young people are fleeing to more prosperous countries so unlikely to return.

For a change, Antonis took me on a picturesque trip back through the mountains on the road which ends up at Elafonissi. The villages along the route are geared-up to cater for the inevitable tourist coaches with restaurants and souvenir stalls. Plenty of vendors selling honey, olive oil and raki line the roadside. The route passes through a single-track tunnel with traffic control. Despite the lights at our end being green, we had to reverse back for a huge tourist coach, followed by a number of cars.

A YouTube video of a trip through the Topolia Gorge and tunnel.

Antonis brought me in the car right back to the compound. Lots of barking resulted as it seems they were pleased to see me again. He helped me unload my bits and pieces before getting on with what remained of his day.

I had something to eat before falling asleep in the sun. Then a support call to the UK for an email problem.

After putting the dogs to bed and the Dave walk, I had a shower and went to see Ursula and Tony. Ursula kindly made a wonderful salad with croutons created from the previous day’s bread and Tony supplied some wine. We had a relaxing evening watching people going about their business.


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