Still busy!

The music from Delino’s ended around 21:00 so no problems sleeping the night away. It was loud as I took Dave and Obi around the back by the main bathrooms. The motorhome customers must have been struggling to speak to one another across the meal table so they were doubtless thankful when it stopped.

Up early again today as I was awake, so out of my pit before the alarm sounded. Plenty of moon meant a beautiful vista on the Promontory. Added to that no Freeloaders or other walkers so all but Obi and Minnie were off. Minnie was on a long lead which Ursula held but I forgot, once more, to bring the lunge for Obi. The aforementioned now residing in my trouser pocket. We went back to the camping later to allow others to slumber longer as it was Sunday. A cup of tea and then breakfast with Tony and Ursula. Lots of fruit salad accompanied by Spawn and some of Ursula’s chocolate cake. A good combination I felt. You can see Ursula’s account with accompanying photos here.

Dave was waiting as I came back so I cleaned his eye and put him in the SDC with the others for a short while. He asked to come out not long after and went back to the solitude of the storeroom. He was not alone for long as I heard Mikhalis going in and out looking for things. Finding anything in there is still a challenge but not so much as in the workshop, which looks like a disaster area.

Antonis appeared bearing his iPhone, which has seen better days. It was not new when he received it from his father who got it from someone else. The display has stopped working as has the home button. He took it to bits to see if he could fix it. I don’t really associate Antonis with electrical devices and tiny screws: he’s more of an angle-grinder and welder man. He declared it broken and left, bearing my olive oil container, which he has partially refilled. That will keep me going until the new crop comes in and I can get some from the factory like last time. He is also going to get me a piece of metal grille to put on the dog gate to prevent Luis from further destroying my new insect screen. Little Toad! I took another look at Antonis’ iPhone and agreed that it is dead. It could be repaired but I suspect the cost may outweigh the value of the device. He cannot survive long without a phone so needs something in order to work.

Antonis mentioned that he’d been called-up by the army to join a list of one thousand from which they will draw out 250 persons for additional training. There is no payment involved and the training is on Sundays over quite a time. He says he would be glad to be shortlisted. I suspect others might be less so.

31.1C was the top temperature today and I managed to have a shower whilst the water was hot and there was no breeze blowing. Following all the wind in August, we appear to be benefiting from a spell of calm weather. The wind has gone on holiday to the Carribean by the looks of things.

The car parks are almost empty and there have been several departures. The Big Brown Dog is still with us but Ursula reports some people packed up and left near to their cabin. I suspect this will be the last ‘busy’ weekend for this season as Greek schools will soon go back and the weather is starting to gradually cool. Only hardy Northern Europeans will continue to camp as others will prefer the static vans, cabins or their own van.




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