Welcome to 9/11 sixteen years on…

With Boris fidgeting at 04:00, I gave up the unequal struggle at 05:15, and got out of bed. The moon is going to bed later and is still nearly 70% brightness so no need of a torch as there is plenty of light in addition to the street lights. The Austrian motor home, which has been parked just to the south of the stony beach for several nights, was still in residence this morning. At home with a BBQ, bicycle and table and chairs. No motor homes have parked in the car park so far yet.

I could see that Ursula and Heidi were not far off by the light of Ursula’s torch. I marched my lot down to the end in double-quick time despite Luis’ protestations. I remembered the 10m lunge for Obi and Ursula took Minnie on her long lead. The other two were released on good behaviour (!?). Obi seemed to enjoy the additional freedom of the 10m lunge which I attached to my belt giving me ‘hands free’ dog control. All the better for playing with the dogs or throwing Boris’ ball. I seem to have fallen out of favour as he takes it mostly to Ursula. Both the current illuminating balls do not appear capable of standing up to the rigours of Grammeno Promontory by only flashing or illuminating intermittently or occasionally. After a long time out we returned to Grammeno for a cup of tea and a chat.

I then cleaned my fridge and went to the supermarket for supplies. There are now big bags of walnuts and raisins on the bottom shelf of the nut and dried fruit counter. I am reliably informed that there is also soy and coconut milk. I discovered sunflower bread next to the five seed bread and there are loads of beans to choose from. What with nuts and a big dried fig block, the bill was a bit disconcerting but then I’ve not been there for over a week.

Support calls from three clients in the morning and a visit from Antonis who is interested in buying Ursula’s retired iPhone. Her iPhone is locked to the Vodaphone UK network so will require a special code so that Antonis can use his SIM card in it.

Charlie is wandering around on the decking in between lying in the shade of Janne’s fence. The sun is losing power as it heads west over the storeroom roof. Today’s high is almost 33C so quite warm for the time of the year. A couple of Austrian motor homes have parked opposite Ursula and Tony’s residence and were setting up when I was down that way earlier. Their view of the beach is now interrupted so I expect Tony will creep out in the night and let down their tyres!

The German couple, who arrived yesterday and camped behind me, is still there. I know they both speak good English although I have not spoken to them myself. The ‘parents’ of Big Brown Dog’, who barked as I cycled past earlier, are playing Tavli (Backgammon). They play often as I can hear the dice (die) rolling over the hard surface of their table.

The bougainvillaea cuttings are still going strong, as is the parent in front of Janne and Erica’s caravan. I need to go round there to attach wires to the post so that it can be trained to go up and over the front of the structure.


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